Monday, January 26, 2009

I Don't know where I'm gonna Go When The Volcano Blows

Mr. Utley. Those were the days. Before the Col. entered my life. Sun, fun, Coronas, and Jimmy Buffett. With a baby doll in my lap sitting by the fire. Back then the Air Force owned the beach from Wayside Park all the way to the Destin bridge. I have not been to Ft. Walton since but I here that that particular area is high rise condos on both sides of highway 98. So sad. I often reflect on where I would be if I had never killed the Col. I have a good idea. My best friend,back then,and I wanted the same thing out of life. Now, Henry has a successful practice in medicine. Yep, those 2 letters behind his name,M.D. I, too, was as gifted in medicine as he. I miss the interaction I had with my patients. I was the best at starting I.V.'s and setting up traction equipment. Today, traction is almost extinct. We have external fixators, now. Cool. That one decision to give a patient what he wanted changed my life, forever.Did I do what was right? Ethical? He begged me to end his suffering. And, I did. That is where my suffering began. On a highway to Hell. Feeling sorry for myself, Blah, Blah, Blah. I have heard it all before. Let me stay awake for eternity. I'll have no worries. Later theblogmeister