Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Voices

After I decided to make the trek across the field back to my house my brothers began to tell me what kind of trouble I would be in. We had only one car which dad drove to work. My brothers tried to change my mind by telling me the evil things that would happen to me if I went home. They almost convinced me to stay, except the voices in my head were much, much stronger. I could not tell if the voices were evil or benign. I just knew I had to follow the voices.
 How can so much pressure be put on an 11year old when the most important thing is trying to figure out if was losing my mind. I don't like horror movies and believed that wasn't the culprit getting on a good 11and under basketball team. after verbal abuse, I made my way.  I didn't think I was crazy but I was convinced the voices were real and there were a reason for them.across the field, walked into the house and I got it even worse from my Mom. I was afraid to tell her that I heard voices, so, she parked me in front of the television with instructions not to move. While I was watching Loony Tunes my thoughts kept wondering if I, indeed hear those voices. I'm not the one to make up stories for the sole purpose to stay out of school. I loved school and it made me that much more to find out where these voices came from. I spent the better part of the morning watching TV when I heard my Mom scream out in agony. I rushed to her bedroom and found her on the floor clutching her chest. She could not speak only making gurgling sounds. As a ten year old, I was flipping out. I did not know what to do. I remember my Dad' work number written on the fridge so I called it. I got the plants' operator and I told her that I needed to speak to Herb Riley it was an emergency. She asked me what extension he worked in. I'm ten years old. I don' know the difference between an extension from a Bison. I then spouted out " extension 36" not knowing what I was saying. My Dad immediately came on the phone and I told him something is wrong with Mom. He said to go hold her hand and an ambulance would be on the way. It seemed only minutes when the medics pulled up, loaded her, and whisked her away. I thought I would never see my Mom, again. Two days later, she was having quadruple by-pass heart surgery in Birmingham. She was 33 years old. The first woman to have open heart surgery in Birmingham, Al.I know,now,why I did not want to go to school that day. God used me to save my mother's life. My mother passed away in March 2007 and I that God for using me so we could have her around another 38 years. I love you, Mom and miss you everyday. Your son and savior, Markie