Monday, June 2, 2014

Where ever the best concert was playing that is where we were playing. We would stand out by the bus the band used after concerts. A couple of ludes to the security guy and we were in like flynn. Most bands would have a huge party post concert, depending on what city they, and we, just happened to be in. Atlanta was always the Bomb! Coke and 714's would get us anywhere. Soon, we were snorting coke with the band members like we grew up, together. Most of your Southern rock bands knew who I was and what all I had. The coke and Ludes were not coming from my delivery friend but were coming via a smuggler in Georgia named JD. He had Cuban friends in Miami that front him all the coke he wanted. They would even deliver, too. In between concerts JD and I spent our time restocking for the tours of many southern bands.
  It was that way until I found JD in his barn hanging from a beam with his nuts cut off. He crossed the wrong Cuban. I knew what I had to do, get the hell out. Disappear. If I wanted to live I knew that was my only choice. That is when I decided to join the
  United States Air Force.
 I wanted to make more money than JD had ever dreamed. Thus, the Air Force.After I paid my debit to Uncle Sam my plan was to fly as much coca in the us as anyone. Military, here I come!

Ludes and the car derby alond with the concerts

My buddy with the pharmaceutical coke supply had a roommate so we had to let him in on it. The first time we used the white powder it was decided to snort it. After that initial test run we did not have it any other way. Lines were made on the kitchen table and before we could do two of them hours had passed. Talk, talk, talk, talk. We had a rule that when someone raised their hand it was time to cut your speech short. Talk, Talk, raise hand, talk, talk, raise hand. that was how it went. I even talked my buddy into giving me a bag to take with my brother and I to see Frank Zappa at the Fabulous Fox theater in Atlanta, Georgia. It did not take long before we were doing Ludes and Placydils just to get some sleep. It is a thousand wonders how we survived the attack of the Pharmacaine. Amazing times.
  Pharmaceutical drugs were everywhere. We indulged in excess. If you wanted to know who had the Ludes all you had to do is look at cars that were owned by your buddies. If there were a few extra dents that was probably where you would find them. Or, they would give themselves away. One phone call and you knew. The caller thought he was just fine. As soon as he started talking we knew he was not fine,he waas fucked up.
  As I said before we grew up in the greatest era for Rock and Roll. Therefore, every weekend we were on a "Road Trip" to a concert. I saw RUSH in Dothan, Al. in 1978 and after the concert we stopped at a Zippy Mart to get some drinks for the ride back to Ft. Walton Beach, where I was stationed in the Air Force. That we will cover later. I noticed a huge bus pull up outside and a couple of band members came into the store. I looked around and I was the only one that knew who these guys were. I ran out to my car to get my ticket stub and ran in the store approaching Geddy Lee asking for his John Henry. He laughed, took my ticket and signed John Henry. I looked at it and informed him I knew who he was and he gave me his real name on my ticket.