Monday, November 23, 2009


Break that word up. Con, Fusion. We all know what a con is. It is a lie, plain and simple. It is used to get what you want from others without them knowing your true intentions. Fusion, to come together. Does this sound like an oxymoron to you? It is not. It makes perfect sense. When you put them together there is no sense to be understood. To be confused is to be without facts that make sense. The reason I bring this up is I am confused. Yet, I have the facts and they make sense. What confuses me is others interpretation of those same facts and come up with an unreasonable conclusion. No matter how I try to make the others understand the simplicity of my situation they want to disregard the facts and draw their own conclusions for their benefit. All this is confusing me. Should I treat them like morons or keep trying to make them understand the facts as I see them? It gets frustrating when you deal with a powerful government agency that seem to have an agenda. I'll not give up because I believe that the truth will win out. This isn't the law, where truth and Justice is not the same. The law is about one thing, winning. It is that simple. I'll give you an example. When I was in prison the only place that had air conditioning was the law library. In order to stay there you had to have a case number, proving you were working on a case. So, I decided to file a 1983 form against the officers that questioned me and slapped me around a bit. Filing a lawsuit is easy. You fill out the form, file an informa pauperous application, stating I did not have the $150 dollar filing fee send it to the proper court. In my case it was a 4th and 8th amendment violation so it had to be filed in Federal court in the northern district. Well, I enjoyed that air conditioning so much I started reading a lot of case law. Shephardizing, finding cases similar to mine and reading what the court ruled. The city of Gadsden had a team of lawyers and paralegals to do their work and they flooded me with motions galore. The court has a huge book called the federal rules of civil procedure and you have to follow that to the letter. I spent 3 years working on that case enjoying the air conditioning and the study of the law. Once it made it past the summary judgement stage I knew I had them. The SJ stage kicks out frivolous suits and the ones that make it go to trial. To make a long story short, I had my day in court and the jury ruled in my favor and gave me $10,000 punitive damages. The only witnesses were cops. I had the truth on my side. I didn't have to try and remember what I had said at depositions and those cops got on the stand and lied through their teeth. They committed a felony trying to save their ass. The jury saw right through them, thus the verdict in my favor. It sure made my time go by a lot faster and cooler! So, no confusion. Stick to the truth, it won't let you down. theblogmeister