Saturday, July 31, 2010

PTSD: when it at it's wors't.

Post traumatic stress syndrome it is at it's worse when the sub-conscious mind is at it's peak. There are countless books that try to explain what it is and how to best cope with the mother of all illnesses. I would rather have a doctor tell me that I am suffering from cancer. I know, it sounds crazy, but that is just what PTSD is. A doctor can tell a patient how he had gotten cancer. The risk factors, blah blah blah. Treatment for PTSD has come along way in the past 20 to 30 years. Unlike with PTSD. It is misdiagnosed than any other disease. Men, who join the Army, Marines,and Special Forces do not realize the harmful impact the diagnosis of PTSD reeks havoc of everything the sufferer touches. The Military Commanders are as much to blame as the patient himself. So LET US TAKE A LOOK at what is exactly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We will start at the most severe headed to the least severe.
1.) This is my list. A disabling anxiety that might develop following exposure to one or more likely events. Trauma is one or more likely events. A trauma is an that causes intense fear during which the individual may feel like they(or someone very close to them) are about to experience serious harm)or are about to die. These manifest into sleep disturbance, recurrent dreams, usually in the form of nightmares. PTSD is a psychological condition that affects those who have experienced a traumatizing or life-threatening event such as combat, natural disasters, serious accidents, or, violent personal assaults.
PTSD has gained recognition in recent years because of its emergence in many Vietnam veterans. Victims or this disorder tend to re-live over and over very painful or stressful situations and often have nightmares about the event. We, in the media have termed these events 'flashbacks'. It is important to note that PTSD is a psychological condition that affects those who have experience traumatizing or life-threatenings with no way of dealing with the hellish event they had just witnessed.
I am suffering this very same condition. In the next few weeks we will delve into what makes one person take his service revolver, or automatic, and end the pain once and for all. What makes people choose another route? Stick around, theblogmeister

Friday, July 30, 2010

College Football: a cure for PTSD

It has finally come. Training camps for college football. With all the off-field issues that have been going on I wonder if it will become a distraction. There is one place that a distraction is not needed: The Defending National Champs, Alabama. What was Marcell Darius thinking. "Wow, I got me free plane tickets to South Beach to attend a Party, drinks are free. Hell. yea! What the frick was you thinking. I realize I should not jump the gun and convict him of wrong-doing. Hopefully, he went to the party that was put on by that San Francisco player who claimed to pay all of the tab. Don't hold your breath Alabama fans, though.The NCAA is laying the hammer down in light of the USC debacle. (It couldn't have happened to a nicer son- of a b*tch). Lane Kiffin is a piece of sh*t, and I am not even a Vols Fan.What is wrong with me? Must be getting old. The good news out of Ohio is that Trey DePreist signed with the Tide. Hey, we are back! So, all you Bama haters keep on keeping on. We will see you the 3rd Saturday in October. Thank God, and 'Bear' For another season of college football. It will be a great one. theblogmeister