Friday, July 30, 2010

College Football: a cure for PTSD

It has finally come. Training camps for college football. With all the off-field issues that have been going on I wonder if it will become a distraction. There is one place that a distraction is not needed: The Defending National Champs, Alabama. What was Marcell Darius thinking. "Wow, I got me free plane tickets to South Beach to attend a Party, drinks are free. Hell. yea! What the frick was you thinking. I realize I should not jump the gun and convict him of wrong-doing. Hopefully, he went to the party that was put on by that San Francisco player who claimed to pay all of the tab. Don't hold your breath Alabama fans, though.The NCAA is laying the hammer down in light of the USC debacle. (It couldn't have happened to a nicer son- of a b*tch). Lane Kiffin is a piece of sh*t, and I am not even a Vols Fan.What is wrong with me? Must be getting old. The good news out of Ohio is that Trey DePreist signed with the Tide. Hey, we are back! So, all you Bama haters keep on keeping on. We will see you the 3rd Saturday in October. Thank God, and 'Bear' For another season of college football. It will be a great one. theblogmeister

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