Friday, July 2, 2010


I hate when the media doesn't get their way they whine about it. A bunch of bitchy little girls. They are now to stay away(65ft.) from any oil workers, oil, booms. They want to concentrate on the negative. "We are not the enemy" they said today. Yet all I hear is the massive amount of oil that is gushing in the gulf. We know there is a big fucking gusher out there and some morons with microphones telling us to the milliliter how much it is, how terrible it will be for decades. We ain't stupid! We don't need to hear how bad everything is all the time. Yet, the media is hurt that they can't climb up your nose to get a story. How many of you guys are out there? Thad Allen don't need to be bumping into Anderson Cooper and having to explain why they did what they did. I bet the COL. trips over a dozen of CNN crews on his way to get coffee. "What is the total of the dangerous dispersant that you are using? Don't you know that stuff could kill all the plankton on earth?" Give them a break, for Christ sake. Just think about what they are going through. I am not defending BP. They suck! I am defending the shrimper who has to skim oil to feed their family.I am defending the hotel owners who have to rent to BP. So. Anderson, if you are reading this, find a story to do and stop dwelling on the Apocalypse. theblogmeister

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