Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The River's Edge

   I turned and started walking towards the river. I could not believe the clarity of the colors that spread before me. For the first time I looked down at myself to see that I was wearing shorts, flip-flops, and a Hawaiian shirt. I was amazed, yet confused. This is nothing like my first trip. My mind began to wonder if I was even in the right place. While juggling those thoughts in my head I came upon a rise. I slowly walked up it to look down by the river and noticed the tops of some thatched roofs. All I could see was the roofs unless I took another step forward, which I did. I saw right away a brilliant light emanating from the area where I saw the thatched roofs. Slowly, I stepped forward and saw something that took my breath away. There were several dozen circular orbs just floating a few feet from the ground. As soon as I saw them they all in turn seemed to be looking my way. In a burst of speed I have never witnessed the orbs disappeared into the buildings under the thatched roofs. I do not have a clue what I saw, however, I was not at all intimidated by the sight I had just witnessed. Just before I was to start down the hill towards the buildings I perviewed everything around me. The river curled around and emptied into a beautiful bay. It reminded me of some of those tropical scenes you would find at a travel agency but ten times more beautiful. I looked towards my left and saw a doe grazing with her two fawns. The largest buck I had ever seen was with them. They were looking straight at me but made no move out of fear. Just curiosity. I could not get over the brilliance of the color of everything I could see. This must be something special, if it is real. I'm having trouble deciding if I was hallucinating in my bed at the hospital are is what I am seeing real. The difference between the first time I entered the light and now is what is sparking my indecision. Nothing is the same except the feeling of love I am experiencing, now, and the same amount as was before.
   The hill was not that steep and it didn't take me long to get down by the river. I turned and saw a figure coming out of one of the buildings and walking towards me. His blue eyes were amazing with the warm smile across his face. His gait was very familiar to me since I had not seen him since March 3, 1989. It was my brother. My best friend that lost his life on earth from a car accident. Oh, He looked much better than the last time I saw him. I could not believe that I was being so calm about this. He walked up to me and we embraced then said, " You look great! It is such a blessing to see you, again." Here my brother was, standing in front of me holding my arms. The feeling was better than any feeling I had experienced. " Bubba, I cannot believe we are standing here. You look great, too." I said with a huge smile. The emotion was almost overwhelming but I felt a force around me that guided my actions. Whatever I was feeling was somehow in charge. It is hard for me to explain. I grabbed my brother in a bear hug and felt all would be well. Somehow I knew that everything would be okay. The months that it took for me to get over his death. The years it took my Mom to look at a picture of him. The times my younger brother and I used to laugh at the stories we would share about some of the things all three of us would do. Bubba was 33 years old when he died. That's ironic, isn't it? I was about to turn 30 in May and my younger brother, Keith, was just 14 months younger than me. It seemed that Bubba knew what I was thinking because he said, " We had some great times, together, didn't we?" We started to talk about some of those times and had a few good laughs. Well, it proved that there were emotions, here. I had about a million questions to ask when he said to follow him.
   We walked away from the hutches and towards the beautiful bay I had seen coming down the hill. " You have been given a very unique opportunity and it will require a lot of choices to make." I looked down at his feet and he was wearing flops, too. " I want you to know," he said, " That I will not be able to aide you in your decision. You will have to make the correct one, all on your own." I had not paid that much attention to where we were going I was so deep in thought. I looked up and there was a fire blazing with a dozen or so people sitting around the fire. I began to here a guitar and the familiar voice of Hank Williams, Sr. "Let us sit and enjoy the music."