Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confusion Rules

It seemed that every time that I do not write much about the colonel is when he is most active and angry. I have not spent much time writing about him. I spent several hours writing about the difficulties we are having. My wife and I. The Colonel must be jealous that he is not getting my undivided attention. He is in my dimension. I can smell him, the stench of death. An hour or so ago I went through the house to make sure the doors are locked and the lights off. As I made my way towards the bathroom the light was on. I distinctly remembering turning out the lights, except for the TV. Oh yea, I can feel his presence. He is among us. He is not through playing tricks on us, either. I turned the bathroom light off. I will have to walk around to see what else he does.As I was turning around I heard the sounds of a television. It was very faint but I knew exactly that the noise was. My colonel has turned on my television in the front room. He thinks all this is a game, I reached over and turn the TV back off. We have a screened in back porch and spend a lot of time out there because we don't smoke in the house. This is where most of things moving can be seen. My wife will not stay out here I have had tools raising in the air. I have seen shadows of him. Right now, I am going to crawl in bed with my wife.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hard Truth

I also believe that man could be evil and could wreak havoc to the likes you had never seen. I am a believer but I am confused what happened to those we do not know. My wife and I have been marriade for about 8 years. When we met, her children were grown, so was mine. She started coming to my house to take me to hers. We hit it off, immediately. Not long after we got together we started truck driving school. We got our CDL's, and after 6 weeks we left our trainer and got our own truck. We worked tpgether for about 2 years and my wife had to leave the truck for medical reasons, fibromyalgia. I worked for a couple years riding solo. Then I started have severe pain in my lower leg I hade to have a spinal fusion surgery. My wife just receive her social security disability and I only get half of my ss disability because my ex-wife gets almost half for back child support. That is not a problem. Both incomes were just over the limit my wife and I we are unable for them to, grant us Medicaid. We made $80 dolloars over the threshhold, so, I have to find a way to have my epidural injections. I went to the doctor, today, and I had to pay more that I was not used to paying. My office visit was $13 dollars. That is every other month. To get my epidural injection every other month I must pay a bill of $150. We are regular poeple who are having a hard time. I have had this blog since 2008. Please do not think that we are panhandling. We just need your help If you can donate, please. Thank you and God Bless Thanks, theblogmeister

Where Is The Evil?

If you believe in God then you must believe in Satan. For every action there is a reaction. Do you remember that statement? You must understand that at one time Lucifer was one of God's most trusted angels. Greed got the better of him and he wanted to be above God. What did God do? He cast Lucifer and a third of his following to earth. Where are they, now? In the beginning earth was a beautiful place and when God cast down Lucifer and his angels what was the one thing that God had created that Satan could want to ruin? Man had not been created, yet. The Bible states, "and the earth became without form and void." Earth was the only thing, at that time, that Satan could get back at God for kicking him out of Heaven. I do not believe this is the same earth that God had created for man. Satan changed it. Then when man was created God instructed Adam and Eve not to partake in the forbidden fruit. Guess who was there to change their minds? Yep, Satan. I believe every since the creation that Satan has not given up on changing God's plan. Why am I starting this post with this story? It proves to me that Satan and his angels still exist, today. It is Satan that convinces a young man to strap a vest made of high explosives and kill as many innocent men, women, and children as he possibly can. It is Satan that makes individuals fly a jet into the twin towers and kill thousands of innocent people. A man comes from God. Jesus, who was God manifested in the flesh, tells us to love our neighbor, not blow them up. What about the congresswomen from Arizona who was shot point blank in the forehead? Is that of God? No it is not. While the same angels that saved my Mother's life and comforted them after my brother died these are real. From what I have witnessed in the past several years Satan is not sitting back and doing nothing. He creeps into our lives through various means. To me, His favorite avenue to get to our youth is by using mood and mind altering substances. The number one is liquor and beer. Ethanol causes 50,000 deaths on our highway's. Most were impaired drivers on alcohol. Today, there are more youths drinking than ever before in our history. Now comes the drug many states have made legal. Marijuana, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient that causes the effect if the cannabinoid plant. Over ten states has made pot legal for medicinal value, only. So, I have a very liberal views on medicinal marijuana. I do not believe the propaganda in the late 1920's to the early 1930's. No, God would not waste his time with weed. The real problem facing our youth is the doctors who are quick at writing narcotics and do not care the damage is to our youth. Oxycontin and Roxie's are the most danger to our future. Don't think about all over are wounded warriors are becoming addicted before the leave Afghanistan and come back to a living hell.Do you believe that our soldiers are coming back broken? The statistics are mind blowing. I do not have here,now.I will get you some. My point is,there are good people in this world who have to look out for the broken. The Rangers motto, "Rangers Lead The Way" and they never leave one behind. Thank you, theblogmeister please donate

Alternate Dimensions

The trouble that I am having is how two beings occupy one universe. I have been face to face with someone who had died decades, earlier. I cannot take at face value that there is ghosts and spirits that are able to occupy the same world. Is it possible for the dead to be in a different dimension? Theoretical physicists have proven there are alternate dimensions. Could the colonel be caught up in a dimension that runs parallel to ours? That is the $60 dollar question. So, if parallel dimensions exist then there has to be a way to communicate. Was Enoch, the son of Methuselah, able to cross a dimension without experiencing death? The Holy Bible states exactly so. If Enoch or Elijah, for that matter, was able to reach a parallel dimension then why is it so impossible to believe that we, as human, cannot communicate with those that have reached another dimension. I know what I dealt with when two of my family died and I was able to speak to them. I continue to have interactions with the dead; the colonel. I cannot rule out what the quantum physicist have documented. They are a hell of a lot smarter than me. Keep an open mind and do not judge us as crackpots. Jesus was called a crackpot and you all know the outcome of that story.
Now, I am not a physicist, far from it. I can’t do complicated math at all, but I can think and reason things out. OK, we are energy beings and once energy is created it can never be destroyed according to physics. This being the case then when we die, we have to go somewhere. I have heard people say there can not be a heaven, or a hell, or any other place like them as we have been into deep space and there is no sign of it. That may be but are we so arrogant as the dominate species to believe that all realms have to be identical to ours and all beings have to be just like us? Now what if there are energy forms in a parallel dimension that we are aware of. They come through to us but we cannot enter their dimension in our current human state as flesh and blood. So only as an energy form would we be able to enter? If the soul, being the life energy of the body, can inhabit the body until the body ceases to be able to contain it, next it is released in a pure energy form then it stands to reason that it would be able to go to places where a human body could not get into. It is like trying to physically squeeze an orange through a straw. It will not work until you get rid of the body and then the juice will go through the straw with no problems.
Do I believe there is a soul? Of course I do. How could I not? We are taught as little children that the human body is a machine. Every machine has to have an energy source to make it run. The human body breaks down, can be mended or repaired and put back into the world but when it has reached critical mass, it melts down and ceases to be. Now, if there was no such thing as a soul, or an energy source, then what could keep the body running forever? We can keep old machines going as long as we have the parts so why not a human body? We sure have enough parts to keep them going but once they die no matter what you do they are dead, gone and can’t be restarted…ever. Why is this? The energy source of the body is no longer there and it has nothing more to run on.
People scoff at aliens, the soul, ghosts and so forth but I have to wonder. Could ghosts actually be inter-dimensional beings? Perhaps we run across the barriers once in a while and there is a clash or meeting between the two realms? It would make sense if everything is in accordance to the “M” theory that there would be meetings like these of parallel universes or dimensions. The life forms in these dimensions may be just as shocked and terrified of other energy encounters as we are.
There may be another one of you, somewhere in another universe, dimension, time or space. That is not to say that the person is the same as you. There may be different laws there, different morals and judgment values. The “you” may look like you but not act or be governed by the same rules that you are here. Knowing that the universes actually do exist is amazing in itself but the things that happen in them can be unlimited. It sure can explain a lot of the things that we deem paranormal Then I have to wonder how to cross the barriers of these dimensions? I believe it can happen and may have happened a few times like with JR. Tolkien who claims the Lord of the Rings was written off something he had seen. He claims to have stepped into an alternative reality and witnessed these things. Many other people have claimed to cross into these other realities but it is not something which happens frequently. Could it be some type of energy flux that allows this to happen? A vortex maybe or a smashing of the membranes that allows a temporary access to these realms?

This is something which I am sure some of the greatest minds will be churning over for a long time. I have a bachelors in life but hey, like I said a physicist I am not. I am just someone here who has a trillion things going through their head. Trying to imagine what these universes may be like, what rules they have, what life forms govern them and if it is possible that at times we collide with them.

I am just trying to figure out what is happening to me and why I was given extraordinary powers when I was so young. It saved my Mother's life and later it allayed the fears of my parents when we lost a close family member. It is real, I just do not understand why or how it works. Thank you for being a part of my day. the blogmeister One other thing, I really need your donations for medical not mental reasons. If you have a dollar please donate. Thank you for your help in dealing with my spinal fusion issues. theblogmeister

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Unknown

I was raised in church while I was growing up. My Father was the music director and had a wealth of knowledge about the Bible. We were southern Baptist and did not follow the liberal Baptist who believed in speaking in tongues, jumping up and down and other weird things. I am not mocking any religion and do not try to force my beliefs on others. If you don't believe in it, don't do it, is my basic belief. During my early teens I became very interested in the teachings of Paul. What intrigued me was how Paul was converted from killing Christians to becoming the most prolific writer in the New Testament. I have a base belief and I believe that is why I am struggling so much with what is happening to me now and past episodes of terror filled dreams, nightmares would be a better word. As I spoke about my first interaction with angels, yesterday, I want to relay to you another episode with spiritual beings. In 1989 I was a couple months shy of my thirtieth birthday. I received the horrible news that my best friend and older brother had been involved in a very serious automobile accident. My mother and I rushed to the hospital emergency room and was told by the ER staff that someone would be out to speak with us, soon. My mother sat in a chair in the ER waiting area while I stood at the sliding glass doors where you enter the emergency room. I could see a cubicle with a curtain pulled closed and I could see the feet of several staff. As the curtain opened as a staff member exited I noticed the patient was wearing MAST trousers. They are no longer used in the emergency medical field. It was an acronym for military anti-shock trousers. I knew in my gut that was my brother lying there and I knew it was very serious. I called all my immediate family and told them to get to the ER fast, it was Bubba and it doesn't look good. After about 45 minutes the doctor and a couple nurses came out and delivered a blow like none I had ever known. My brother, my best friend was dead. My mom sat down in total shock not saying a word. I, however, went ballistic. I punched all the glass out of the waiting room and ripped up chairs that were bolted to the floor. I was given a sedative and was taken back to have both arms sutured. I did not get any better when my Dad arrived and was given the news. My heart had been ripped out of my chest watching my Dad and how he handled the terrible news. It was march 3, 1989 and my faith came into question. Why would a loving God put such a good man as my Dad through the pain of losing his namesake? I did not understand why. The next morning at about 3am while my wife and small children were asleep my brother appeared to me and told me to tell Mom and Dad that everything was good. He was in a wonderful place. He had no more pain. I broke down and wept. To this day I wish that my brother would visit me, again. Maybe he has crossed over and is unable to come back. I also believe that the colonel has not, for some reason, not crossed over. He feels that I had betrayed him and he will haunt me, forever. I wish he would let it go. thank you theblogmeister please donate

Monday, August 1, 2011

Psyche Logos

I want to make it very clear to all of my readers about what I believe is going on inside my head. The truth is, I do not know. I believe there is the trinity of good, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There is also the evil trinity, Satan, false prophets, and the antichrist. I do believe that there are spirits that are capable of influencing the living. I have proof of that in the story I told of what happened to me when I was eleven. If you are not familiar with the story I will tell it, again. When I was eleven my three brothers and I were walking across the field to catch the bus when a voice inside my head told me to go back home. I listened to that voice and almost got a spanking for missing the school bus from my mother. She had no way to take me to school, so, I had the day off. At about lunch time I heard my mom screaming. I rushed into her room to find her on the floor grasping at her chest. We had the phone number of my Dad's employer and I called it and asked to speak with Herb Riley, and I told them that it was an emergency. The operator of the plant he worked asked for his extension. I had no idea what an extension was, however, I told the operator extension 36. My Dad was on the phone very quickly and I told him something was wrong with mom. He called the ambulance and came home just as the medics were pulling into the driveway. Who told me to go back home that day? It saved my mother's life. Who told me the extension of his work place? Whom ever it was is still a mystery. Remember what I said about every action there is a reaction? I have to believe that if there are spirits that do good then there has to be demons that do bad. Is the colonel a demon? He has not done good, so, I would have to say that he is a demon. What is his purpose? Those are questions that I cannot answer. He has to be evil to cause me to have so much fear, I do not think an angel would cause fear, rather, reassurance. I do not get reassurance from the colonel. Terror is his modus operandi. Was all this created in my head? Another question that I cannot answer. I will fight him with all that I have left in me. I cannot give up. please donate one dollar Thank you theblogmeister

Sunday, July 31, 2011


While I am having these nightmares, at least I hope that is what they are, I have been informed of some unsettling news. I have been terminated from Medicaid because my wife and I make $80 dollars over the limit for a couple. She just recently was awarded her disability thus the change in our income. Over the past year and a half I have been receiving caudal epidural injections in my back to relieve the pain in my leg caused by scar tissue resulting from 4 back surgeries. I have a half of a titanium screw because of defective surgical equipment still in my back. I refused to sue the doctor that did the surgery because he is a good man and was trying to do the right thing. My dilemma now is without medicaid I cannot afford to get the injections I so need very much. If I could get every one of my readers to donate one dollar I could continue with my injections for a year. I know there is some good in you all so I am asking for your help. Thank you, theblogmeister

Shadows In The Night

I wake up in the middle of the night to search my home to find the origin of the noises. I walk slowly in the dark _to find my front door wide open. I always check my doors before I go to bed. As I close and lock it a strange growling sound comes from the rear of the house. I reluctantly check the back porch to find no reason for the noise. I turn around and notice my bathroom light is on. It was not on when I passed by it on my way to check the sounds from the rear of my house. There is, once again, something very strange happening. I turn off the light and slowly move towards the front, again. I reached the living room and found my front door open, again. I lock it and start to leave when I hear the creaking of the front door. I was paralyzed by fear. I did not want to turn around. When I did the door was open, again. My heart was racing as I closed and locked it, again. I am writing this from my locked bedroom for fear of what I may find outside. Fear has gripped my soul. I cannot handle this much longer. My sanity is slipping. It is getting harder to distinquish what is real and what is a product of my imagination. Please, let this be a dream. Fear, sanity, are becoming indistinguishable. I am lost. theblogmeister