Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hard Truth

I also believe that man could be evil and could wreak havoc to the likes you had never seen. I am a believer but I am confused what happened to those we do not know. My wife and I have been marriade for about 8 years. When we met, her children were grown, so was mine. She started coming to my house to take me to hers. We hit it off, immediately. Not long after we got together we started truck driving school. We got our CDL's, and after 6 weeks we left our trainer and got our own truck. We worked tpgether for about 2 years and my wife had to leave the truck for medical reasons, fibromyalgia. I worked for a couple years riding solo. Then I started have severe pain in my lower leg I hade to have a spinal fusion surgery. My wife just receive her social security disability and I only get half of my ss disability because my ex-wife gets almost half for back child support. That is not a problem. Both incomes were just over the limit my wife and I we are unable for them to, grant us Medicaid. We made $80 dolloars over the threshhold, so, I have to find a way to have my epidural injections. I went to the doctor, today, and I had to pay more that I was not used to paying. My office visit was $13 dollars. That is every other month. To get my epidural injection every other month I must pay a bill of $150. We are regular poeple who are having a hard time. I have had this blog since 2008. Please do not think that we are panhandling. We just need your help If you can donate, please. Thank you and God Bless Thanks, theblogmeister

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