Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where have I been?

I often ask that question. Where have I been? See. Where I have been is spending too much time on that dad-gum facebook. Who does that remind you of, Dad-gummit? Yep, Coach Bobby Bowden. I will never forget when he thought that field-goal attempt was good. Do you remember? The one that would have given FSU the national championship? He was the only one in the stadium that thought it was good. When he realized it was wide right he looked around like he was saying, "I know that was good, dad-gummit." It was wide right. There was a stretch of 10 seasons that Florida State averaged 10 wins a season. Talk about domination! I don't know what happened after that. I guess the parole board stopped giving paroles, dad-gummit. Coach Bowden used dad-gummit an awful lot, after that. Wins were getting harder to come by. He started losing to teams that he had never heard of. If that wasn't bad enough he started hearing a guy by the name of Jimbo Fischer. Ole Jimbo's name started getting more attention, dad-gummit. Coach Bowden was Florida State for over 30 years. All of a sudden it's time for Jimbo to take over. DAD-GUMMIT!! I hope the AD at FSU gave Coach Bowden a sky-box to use for life. That is the least he could do for the best college football coach since Bear Bryant, dad-gummit.