Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joker. This dude, or whatever it was, did not make me laugh. At all.
  I had been in Vegas about a week when Tyler disappeared with someone else. I had not seen any of my buds that flew in here with me. It is not that unusual. They have obligations and things to do that does not involve me. I have a flight crew of five which all lived in Vegas. When I need them all I have to do is call. They do not complain with six figure salaries I pay. It works out fine for all involved.
  Joker visited me last night. It is always at night. You never know if it is day or night living in the Hotel on the Strip. I was sleeping off a wild party when I heard what sounded like a passive bolt of lightening. It brought me straight up. The air feels charged with some type of energy. Then I see the light. A brilliant white light. It is the same way every time. This is the third time Joker has made an appearance. I see a shape of a man without any features of someone I recognize. It is still scary as hell. Joker just stands there for what seems like a few minutes but in reality it is hours. I cannot figure out what he wants, if he is real, or if this all is a psychological issue. I have not spoken with anyone about Joker. The truth is I am afraid I would be hospitalized and I do not have time for that.
  Pedro called me and wants to meet today. I wonder what he has got up his sleeve? What ever it will be I have no doubt the money will be good. After unloading those 35 birds I am taking a break from smuggling. Personal smuggling, anyway. Pedro will be a different story. 
  The shower has water coming at me from all directions. It feels awesome. I call room service while I get ready. I've got an hour before I'm to meet Pedro. He wants to meet me at the Petro Truck Stop in North Vegas. It is out by the racetrack with nothing around but warehouses. I have no idea why he wants to meet there.Something does not seem right. He even sounded funny on the phone. I think I'll call some friends of mine to go with me. A person in my business can never be too careful.  

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