Friday, January 7, 2011

A One Day Vacation

 That is what it amounted to. I was fortunate enough to spend one night without a dream, visit, social call, whatever the hell you want to call it, from the demon, friend, psychological scourge, whatever you want to call him. How is it possible for a person to have the ability to enter at will, it seems, into my mind? The message of his visits are taking on a different attitude. In the past the colonel has been a creature of fear, stress, overpowering to the point of terror to becoming somewhat meek and almost confused about his role. In the past he had a sublime inference about his ideas and motives. They were clear and well defined. Imposing his will through fear and intimidation. He was always making a strong statement that I had created in him what I feared most. He is now seemingly apologetic in his wanderings through mental self realities. I am confused by this almost to the point that I wish he would return to the feared demon of my sub-conscious. It was a longstanding relationship where the rules were not obscured. The recent visit that I had of him was the most realistic, the most vivid memory and the clearer image I have had of the man in over thirty years. The one question was why did I fear him? Are you kidding me? The bastard could turn me into a shaking, sobbing, almost catatonic person scaring the daylights out of my wife. The deer in the headlights look, at times. His disruption of my mental status causing me to create an alter-ego. Then he has the balls to ask why was I afraid of him. In life we forged a bond filled with mutual respect. Maybe it was not mutual, after all. I know that I respected him and had actually grown to love He and Bunny. Maybe love is the wrong word. I absolutely cared about both of them very, very, much.
  That fear that he controlled me with for all those years seems like is changing to what I felt when he were alive. The dreams are less horrific and seem to be trying to change my feelings of the way I feel instead of trying to create havoc. It is like he is morphing into a person and less a creature. Maybe I am creating this illusion and tomorrow he will be the selfish bastard I have become accustomed to. I may be reading into this past dream a conclusion that I find satisfactory and able to deal with emotionally. Maybe its another one of his head games. Maybe he did not exist, at all, and I am hallucinating this whole story. Maybe I am the one that manipulated him into killing me and I am creating this log as a homework assignment required by all members of extra-celestial flights. Then, in order to be selected as commander of the next flight, I must show my mental acuity and vision of space time continuem. Yeah, Right.         theblogmeister

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Product of The Seventies

  I was born in the last year of the Fifties and came of age in the Seventies. What a great time to be alive. The music of the seventies was the best of any generation. What my brothers and I would do was go to concerts on the weekends. I lived in Gadsden Alabama and was in the center of the music concert world. We were 2 hours from Atlanta, one hour to Birmingham, and one hour to Huntsville. So, we went to concerts every week end. That is what we all did. The price of a ticket was generally $5 dollars. I am talking about the seventies rock bands that toured and would play at a location near to us, usually in Birmingham. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, The Marshal Tucker Band. I could go on and on. It was the greatest time of my life. We would have a bag full of weed that we would smoke inside. Someone would always have some kind of chemical such as Quaaludes, Valium, MDA what is now called Ecstasy, or some thing else. It was a party every weekend getting stoned on the way to Birmingham or where ever the concert happened to be at that time. There are not many Bands that we have not seen. I can only think of two Bands we missed. It was probably on purpose. We did not see The Who, or The Rolling Stones. Those are the only bands we missed. It was a party. The best were the outdoor concerts at the Rickwood Field baseball stadium. We saw Skynyrd there and they rocked the place down. They played so long that the Birmingham Police shut the power off. You talk about some pissed off fans. Hell, Skynyrd was pissed, too. But it was an unbelievable show. We saw Wet Willie at the Pete Mathews Coliseum at the Jacksonville State University campus. My brother and I were at the stage, we fought our way to the front at every concert and hoped somebody would say something. Sometimes, they did and it was on. Fighting with fists used to be how we settled disagreements.Nowadays, people use guns and people die. It was not that way back when I was in high school. We used to go by the carloads to our school rivalry and duke it out, toe to toe. You did not have to worry about somebody pulling a gun. Times have changed, I must say. Anyway, my brother gets on the stage before the band played and got a set of morocco's and went to the mike and started shaking them. The crowed started clapping in time with my brother. I saw a guy come out from behind  the curtains and it was Jimmy Hall, of Wet Willie. He came to the mike, put his arm around my brother and started to sing. The place was going nuts. After a few minutes, Jimmy left and this big dude came and scooped mu brother up and disappeared behind the curtain. I did not see him until after the show and he told me that big dude carried him to the exit door and threw him out. He missed the show. But, he was the show for only a few minutes. I have enjoyed talking about some good times. Hell, I may even try it, again.  theblogmeister

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dreams From Beyond

Visitors from Beyond: Or Lucid Dreams?

What Do You Think?

Put briefly, a lucid dream is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming. This can range from simply realizing that what is happening is not physically possible in the real world; therefore, your mind accepts the

 fact that you are indeed dreaming and the events transpiring around you are not real events. Lucid dreams can, and do, take many forms. It is this basic low level lucid dream where you are aware that the events are part of a dream, but you exert no control over the course of the dream, that I wish to concentrate on.

My mother passed away when my first born was nine months old. It came as a great blow to me. I loved my mother dearly and wasn't quite ready to let her go. I am told that a day or two prior to her passing she ventured outside to view the wondrous sights of nature near her home. When she returned, she exclaimed of the beauty God had bestowed on us in the natural world and added that where she was going was even more beautiful. Within days, she had passed.

Which leads me to the episode of lucid dreaming I wish to share with you. Several months later, when her birthday arrived, I found myself in the midst of a dream that has lingered for 20 years.
I was in my dining room when suddenly my mother appeared. Instantly, I realized that she could not be there, as she had passed on; yet I was so eager to see her that I joyously began a conversation with her. We talked for what appeared to be several minutes.

What we talked about escapes me. It is what happened next that has etched itself into every fiber of my being.

I knew she couldn't stay for long, I believe she told me that, but perhaps it was merely knowing that she had passed that told me this. I really don't know. I began to tell her about my son and realized she had not seen him for several months. I asked her to wait while I ran to get him out of his crib, so she could see him before she left. I ran down the hall and plucked him out of his crib only to return to an empty room. On the
table was note written in my mother's hand writting. What is said has haunted me through time. "Life is so unpredictable that even death doesn't play by the rules."
Did I, in a state of lucid dreams, create this reflection on life? Did my mother somehow find a loophole in the fabric of time that allowed her one more visit? Perhaps I will never know. There are those who could provide convincing arguments to support either side. I prefer to believe that my mother crossed the barrier that seperated the living from the dead leave one final message for the living; but I know that is not very realistic. It is probably far more likely that I dreamed of her because it was her birthday and the message was a reflection of my feelings concerning her life. 

The above was written by Nannete Richford.



  Every since I had the vision of colonel DeBarge I have been seeking answers from any thing I could find on the internet. There are plenty of people that believe that the dead can pass through a portal to visit the living. There seem to be a concensus of beliefs that only certain people can or have the ability to reach the living. Some say that dreams are often used as a means of communication with the living. It seems that some have the power to make many visits to this realm while others do not. I find it hard to understand why this is so. How can the colonel be alive in my dreams and visit me on many occasions and have such an impact on my life? This is the one thing that I am having a hard time with. It has been too long and it is time for my demon to go. Just leave me alone. Let me get on with my life.        theblogmeister