Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Demon Lives

I have had a relatively quiet couple weeks until last night. Something woke me up in the middle of the night. I could not put my finger on what exactly it was. I do not remember a loud noise that usually is the reason for these late night awakenings. I sat there a few minutes to get my bearings. When I stood up it felt as if I was standing on the deck of a ship tossing at sea. I reached out to hold onto the bed to keep from falling. I thought for a minute that we were having an earthquake. The tossing lasted only 30 or 40 seconds but seemed a lot longer. My next guess was the colonel. I had not had any problems with him in a while. The house was dark but seemed to be illuminated by a strange light. I had no problem making my way through the house, I could see perfectly. That is when I heard a low deep voice. The same voice I remember over 30 years ago. It was the colonel. I could not make out what he was saying. It was odd that he would speak at all after the last time he spoke to me. I tried to find out where the voice was coming from. It was a constant moan like he used to do when he was my patient and was in a lot of pain. I walked into the den and the moan sounded like it was coming from where I was just standing. He is fucking with me, again. I walked the whole house and the moan always seemed to come from a room away. To hell with this, I am going back to bed, I decided. As I crawled in bed and closed my eyes the moan came from my bedside and it was so loud it scared the shit out of me. I jumped up and yelled, "Leave me alone!" For a second it was quiet and then the sound of laughter. I lay back down with laughter all around me. I finally dozed off and after waking up I asked Lorri if she heard anything that was strange last night. She heard nothing. theblogmeister