Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PTSD "I have figured out what it means!"

PTSD does not stand for post traumatic stress disorder. It stands for Perpetually Tired of State Departments. The state department I am referring to would be the Veterans Administration. I am absolutely tired of explaining my case to a bunch of bureaucrats sitting in an air-conditioned office. I must give them the benefit of the doubt having quadruple(or more) claims to process because of the wars we have been fighting the last eight years. So, you have some sympathy. My beef with those case workers are; I have given them all the help they need. As a matter of fact, I have done their work for them. There is not one thing they have to look up, research, or question. I have quoted case law pertaining to my claim. I have sent them copies of those case laws, copies of decisions made by the Social Security Administration. Everything they need to decide my claim. I'll give you the low down of what is going on. I was given 20% service-connected disability for a back problem I received while on active duty. I was given Social Security Disability for spinal stenosis, after 4 back surgeries, I might add. The service-connected disability was for spinal stenosis, also. I then filed an increased compensation due to individual unemployability. My back is screwed up. I can not work. I also cannot live off social security. It makes it a little harder when my ex-wife receives half my disability check. I do not have a problem with that, it is for back child support and I should pay it. Here is where we come to my legal help, at no charge, with the VA. I found 38U.S.C 4.16(b) where it states that if a Veteran cannot find gainful employment due to a service-connected disability then that veteran is deemed totally disabled. I sent them a copy of that, also, a copy of the decision of the Administrative Law Judge's decision stating why I was disabled. It's for the same thing. Instead of getting $243/mo the law says I should get $2870/mo. from the VA. Hey, the longer they wait, the more in back pay they will owe. It still frustrates the hell out of me. If anyone out there needs free legal help email me. I would rather see you get it than those lawyers. Later, theblogmeister