Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Day My Son And A Large Part of My Heart Died

 Of all my boys, four in all, Bubba had the roughest time as any. I told you about wearing crutches when he was not yet a teenager. He got into smoking weed and drinking in his teens. Hell, all the kids did it, not just mine. I will have to say that he was the last one to leave a party and he was the party. He had a nickname, Cornbread. I never asked him where he got it. I wish now that I had asked. I interviewed many of his high school friends to find out the good, the bad, and the funny side of my son. I wanted the real, raw, and mainly the honesty. I told them what I was doing and every one told me it was a good idea to finish his blog. When I would get discouraged or feeling down I would call one of his friends. We would talk about how they would sale pot right out of the window. My boys and their friends knew that my wife and I would go to bet and get up real early. I was told many of pounds of pot had been steamed on my kitchen to loosen it up for sale. I heard some things you would not believe but not once did I get mad. I made my children go to church until the age of 16 they could decide on their own. needless to say, when my youngest boy turned 16 it was my wife, my daughter and myself going to church. I am grateful my sons found God through his Son, Jesus the Christ and I am looking forward to the day we can all be together, again.
  Sorry, I did not mean to preach, I needed to say that. I wish there were a way the at a certain time every father, that is a good father to their children, could be privy to their inner thoughts. Then again, those thoughts may drive the parent mad. What if those thoughts would save your child's life but ended the life of your brother's child? Would that be too much for our mortal minds to deal with?
  I learned so very much about my child that I was ashamed, at first' but then I began to understand. I would ask myself if I were raised in the era that he was raised in, just how would I turn out? I was raised in the era that every one worked. Every one knew every one. When a neighbor needed help, he got it and nobody was asking for a dime. Your word meant something, as well as your name. It was a completely different time. If my son would have grown up in that era what kind of person would he be. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no one knows the answer or do I expect every one to be alike. From what I have found our about my son, I believe he would have given the shirt off his back. even if he did not have one, he would find you one. I'll be back, thanks for listening 

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