Monday, August 1, 2011

Psyche Logos

I want to make it very clear to all of my readers about what I believe is going on inside my head. The truth is, I do not know. I believe there is the trinity of good, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There is also the evil trinity, Satan, false prophets, and the antichrist. I do believe that there are spirits that are capable of influencing the living. I have proof of that in the story I told of what happened to me when I was eleven. If you are not familiar with the story I will tell it, again. When I was eleven my three brothers and I were walking across the field to catch the bus when a voice inside my head told me to go back home. I listened to that voice and almost got a spanking for missing the school bus from my mother. She had no way to take me to school, so, I had the day off. At about lunch time I heard my mom screaming. I rushed into her room to find her on the floor grasping at her chest. We had the phone number of my Dad's employer and I called it and asked to speak with Herb Riley, and I told them that it was an emergency. The operator of the plant he worked asked for his extension. I had no idea what an extension was, however, I told the operator extension 36. My Dad was on the phone very quickly and I told him something was wrong with mom. He called the ambulance and came home just as the medics were pulling into the driveway. Who told me to go back home that day? It saved my mother's life. Who told me the extension of his work place? Whom ever it was is still a mystery. Remember what I said about every action there is a reaction? I have to believe that if there are spirits that do good then there has to be demons that do bad. Is the colonel a demon? He has not done good, so, I would have to say that he is a demon. What is his purpose? Those are questions that I cannot answer. He has to be evil to cause me to have so much fear, I do not think an angel would cause fear, rather, reassurance. I do not get reassurance from the colonel. Terror is his modus operandi. Was all this created in my head? Another question that I cannot answer. I will fight him with all that I have left in me. I cannot give up. please donate one dollar Thank you theblogmeister

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