Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Demonless Sleep

I waited until Hillary made her speech until I went to sleep. That was the plan, anyway. I did not make it.I feel asleep within minutes of her taking the stage. I did, however, enjoy a night free of my demon. Maybe He watched the speech, instead. Whatever the reason He left me alone. I understand I am giving Him life by talking about Him. The way I capitalize His name gives Him validity. The very thing my therapist tells me not to do. So, why do it? I hid my demon for over 20 years and tried to make Him go away by not acknowledging Him.To me, the Colonel is real. Although He is dead, He lives. He has hijacked my sub-conscious. I don't know why there are times He gives me a reprieve. Sometimes I may go for days without dreaming about Him. When I get complacent and feel He has left me I will be at peace. It is short-lived, though. I am trying to take Him head-on. To defeat Him and regain my night. I have stopped having good dreams long ago. He is trying to gain a foothold in my conscious mind. Am I crazy? You wouldn't know it if you met me on the street. I think that I am a little crazy. I believe I have created this demon and have allowed Him to grow. So, I am crazy. Insane? No. Troubled? Hell yes! Just stick around. He will be back. That is one thing that I am sure of. theblogmeister

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