Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I appreciate all comments. I received a comment from a reader stating that I was plagiarizing. If you will notice, all of my writings I sign, theblogmeister, at the end. In some cases I thank the writer for the story. The website automatically write at the end of all posts, posted by theblogmeister. All of my writings are typed, the blogmeister, at the end. I may have a story where I write the opening comments, then type, theblogmeister. After that I will paste a good story on the subject of PTSD. To be more accountable in the future and have less confusion, I will thank, by name, all contributors to my posts. I do not want credit when it is not due. Thank you for your observation. I wish you would have left your name so I could thank you, personally. Please, do not stop reading. Thanks theblogmeister

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