Friday, January 28, 2011

Is It Real Or What?

  I do not care what people believe out there about visits from the other side because I know for a fact that they are real. I do not know the process on who gets to come back or anything, I just know I had a visit from my mother. My mother died in 2007. She died peacefully in her sleep. I know for a fact she died. While I was doing some work on the house that she and my Dad shared while she was alive I could feel the presence of her in that house. There were constant noises coming from inside that house. Noises that I can't explain. For whatever reason, my Mom could not see me or cross-over to an earthly body where I could see her. It seems that she was trying to let me know by the only way she was able that she was there. My Mom found a way to get her earthly body back to communicate with me. It was about a week ago that I was sitting in my TV room and heard a noise that I did not recognize. I walked toward the noise and I saw a figure standing in my kitchen. I turned the light on and it was my mother standing there. The woman that I loved in the body that I knew her from. She looked beautiful standing there. I started to walk towards her and she spoke the word,"No." I asked her why could I not touch her. I wanted so much to give her a hug. "I am not in my glorified body." she said. I did not know what that meant and I asked her. She did not seem to pay any attention to my question. " I have come to say goodbye. I will not be able to see you, again." Where are you going, I asked. " I love you and I want you to be your best. I will see you when your time has come. Until then, I must go. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Good-bye. I love you." Then she was gone. It was not like a mist and she evaporates. She was gone. I was not sad. Unbelievably, I was happy. I cannot explain it. She gave me a message, treat your fellow man as you would want to be treated. The more I think about it the more I find fault in my own life. I have been stealing my wife's medication and I would not want her to get mine so I have learned not to get her meds. This is such a small example. If we all lived by that simple rule, just think how much better life would be.
  I have been thinking why it took her so long to come to me. Maybe there are rules that have to be followed in Heaven. I know my Mom is in Heaven by the way she lived her life. Why couldn't she have visited me, sooner? I have a lot of questions left to be answered. the one thing I know without a doubt, travel between realms is possible. That I know for sure. I am gonna treat people differently, too. Thanks Mom.       theblogmeister

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