Monday, February 7, 2011

Further Escapades

  I waited around while my 5th lumbar vertebrae slid so far down the sciatic nerve became pinched creating the pain that started this thing off in 2006. I found a neurosurgeon that accepted medicare and medicaid and we tried the level 3 spinal fusion, once again. The surgery was a success and after a year I had the hardware removed. I then had to deal with scar tissue. In 2009, I had to have my back operated on for the 4th time. The scar tissue had to be removed to free my sciatic nerve from irritation. I now see a pain management doctor who prescribes powerful narcotics and every other month performs a procedure that is similar to an epidural. I am put to sleep with diprovan, the same drug that Michael Jackson overdosed on, and the caudal is done while I am at the neverland ranch. The nurses become aware that I have come to when they hear my renditions of Billy Jean and Thriller. I must be fairly good because I receive standing ovations in the recovery room. I tell the nurses that I am just showing my ass.
  I have been doing legal research to have my VA check increased and have found cases that support my claim. Having been denied 100% service-connected disability for PTSD I filed a claim for increased compensation due to individual unemployability. Pursuant to 38C.F.R. 4.16(b)It is established policy of the Department of Veteran Affairs that all veterans who are unable to sustain gainful employment due to a service-connected disability shall be rated totally disabled. Well, that is me. I have a 20% rating on my back and have been awarded social security disability because of my back, the VA will rule that I be awarded total(100%) disability. That award will be $2,383/mo. I will be paid in back pay from the time I filed in June, 2008. However, the way my luck is going the appeal will be denied because my appeal for PTSD was denied. That is the way the military works, especially since we have been in Iraq and Afghanistan and the hundreds and thousands of killed and wounded in a war that we have no reason, whatsoever, of being in. Thanks to The Bush's, and the Republicans, our foreign policy is in dire straits. That is a whole other post to be talked about at some other time. Once I get this behind me I can concentrate on trying to figure out the meaning of life. I will not try to win a Nobel prize for physics I am only looking for the answers to a half dozen questions. The first one will be asked, soon.      theblogmeister

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