Monday, May 30, 2011

An Unknown Visit

Usually when I am in the midst of a visit from the colonel it is he that visits me. Many times I have awakened to strange noises only to be met by the colonel himself. I still have not figured out what message he is trying to relay to me. At first, the message was clear, fear. It is like he wanted me to know that he could instill pure terror when he chose. He has been good at that, too. For the longest, he did not say a word to me, he just wanted me to experience fear. Is he doing that to pay me back? All I did was do something that he was too afraid to do himself. The first few years after I had done what he had wished, the nightmares were frequent and terrifying. It has been that way up until about five years ago. I really believe that is when things started changing. I would be awaken from a deep sleep to a loud noise. Things began to be more reality than fantasy. I would be awake and hear the bathroom door close, thinking it was my wife I would go check on her. The bathroom light would be on with the door closed and I would call out her name without an answer. I would then check the bedroom and find her sleeping, peacefully. This was something new. Never before had the colonel manipulated an inanimate object. I would open the bathroom door to find it empty. I did not open the door or turn on the light. My wife did not do it, either. This began many strange things that happened in our house. It reached a point where I would see someone out of the corner of my eye and could tell that someone was watching me. My fear was for my wife. I had a talk with her about it and she was not afraid. I believe that fear was its motivator, its fuel. Most of the strange things happened to me and did not involve my wife. I am a man but I gotta tell you that some things scared the living shit out of me. This must have gone on for a couple years before the night came when I made contact with the colonel. He looked as he had in 1978 and his breath smelled like the cancer that ate him up. He was standing in my living room and asked , "Why do you fear me?" My heart was beating so fast. I asked him what he said. He repeated his question. My fear turned to anger. I was about to cuss his ass out when he disappeared. The chickenshit. All these years he had been scaring the hell out of me and my wife and he had the balls to ask me why I feared him. I figured that anger is his kryptonite while fear is his fuel. I had times to test my theory. I am not as smart as I thought I was.   theblogmeister

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