Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something in Common

About 5 years ago I started hearing strange voices and seeing things. I would turn my TV to one channel, come back from the bathroom, and my TV would be unplugged but still on. I know it was my TV because it's the only plug in the electrical outlet.
  Fast forward to this year. I am still hearing things at 14 and I think it's done nothing but grown. Everywhere we move (my dad's job causes us to move about once everyone three months) things seem to be attracted to me.
  Why the paranormal would want to bother me when I was nine and keep attacking me now is a wonder to my parents. At first they thought I was going insane when they would come into my room and find me in a fetal position screaming my head off. They took me to the doctor on several occasions.
  Now like I said, it's done nothing but gotten worse. I will have nightmares every night. Everyone but this major paranormal freak hates me. We have to move to Colorado soon, so I will lose him pretty quick.
  At school ghosts love to visit me when I'm alone. They will knock things over harshly. They especially love to make the speakers do that feedback thing, and call my name.
  At home they will turn the TV on, off, turn the channels. Turn the water on and off in the bathrooms and kitchen. Mostly they attack me in my sleep. The most recent dream I have had is a little girl being drowned in my pool and then a hurricane destroying my home, even though we live no where near the ocean!
Well anyways, thanks for reading my story. Maybe more will happen in Colorado I will tell you about next week, or whenever this is up.

It seems that the author of this story and I have something in common. We both have had visits or strange events that happened to us when we were young. These events are still happening, today. It seems that the last time that I saw the colonel and showed anger it scared him off. Well, I do not know if that is why he left but it is coincidental that fear motivated him to try manipulating me and when I got pissed off and showed my anger the colonel left. We have digressed in our relationship. It is know like it was 30 years ago, or so it seems. It is back to my having nightmares that he chooses not to be seen as much. Our relationship has definitely changed after he asked me why did I fear him. That really got me. You dumb son of a bitch, why do you think I am afraid. That question he asked me just set me off and I think he knows it. Hell, maybe I scared his ass for a change. When he felt like he had the power and could make me react to some of his images and unexpected sounds he seemed to get bolder and try more intimidating things. When I got pissed and yelled at him, he lurked away. Now, he is slowly trying to do whatever his plan is. I do not have a clue as to what he is trying. Don't get me wrong, the nightmares do have an effect on me. I am not immune to them. They are terror filled and very uncomfortable for me to endure. Maybe that is what he wants, I do not know. Where ever this thing goes, I will keep you in the loop. Thanks for stopping by,      theblogmeister 

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