Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've Seen This Movie, Before

There was a long banging coming from my front porch door. It was enough to wake me from a pharmaceutical sleep. I started to get up but then remembered my nightmares of the past. I just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I heard the loud noise, again. I looked at my wife, who happened to be a light sleeper, she was not moving. That fucking colonel. Is he so bored in the world that he is stuck in that he has to play with my mind? That made me start thinking. What if it was a real emergency and someone from law enforcement was indeed trying to get a hold of me? I had to check it out. I got up from my bed and looked at the clock, 11:52pm. I tip-toed to the front door as quiet as I could. If it was some neighborhood kids I wanted to look out inconspicuously and try to catch them doing whatever it was they were doing. It is nothing like the days of my youth when we would put some dog shit in a paper bag, light it, ring the doorbell and run hide to see their reaction. It would work every time. The homeowner would start to stamp out the small fire only to find he was stomping in dog shit. We had to try real hard to keep from laughing out loud and give away our position. All the lights were off, so, I looked through the slits in the blinds. You know, the same way a crack head does, but I did it once, not every minute. I did not see anything or hear anything out of the ordinary. I knew when I had first heard it there would be no one there. It was the colonel. Playing his silly games. I have been exposed to so many of his repertoire I am fearful that he may try things that have never been tried, before. I cannot recall the colonel ever showing anger towards me and my family. He never threw knives or none of that scary shit. It puzzles me that he takes so long before he will actually speak with me. If the chance comes and I ever speak with him, again, it will be different. I am not sure if he is stuck between parallel universes or what. Why can he not go own to where his journey ends. Or, maybe it begins. He seems to be stuck in my sub-conscious mind. I have moved on, I think. Maybe I haven't. Maybe his job is to get me to see all the things that have held me back in society. This is too much for me, right now. I will have to do some research.          theblogmeister

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