Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Colonel Is Back

After all this time I thought that I had the Col. put in my past. I was wrong. Last night I feel asleep in my recliner with the footstool in the upright position and stretched back as far as I could go. I was wrapped in a blanket, just about to fall asleep when my footstool hit the bottom with my feet slamming into the floor. This was not an accident. It takes my right arm to physically force the arm down to lower the footstool on my recliner. There was no way it could have accidentally been me doing it. As I said before, my arms were inside the covers. The noise woke me up with a jolt, my heart beating loud into my ears. It took a few seconds for me to realize what had happened. I opened my eyes and saw the door to my den closing. I knew it was not my wife. If she is not in the bed I can find her in the recliner next to me, and she was not there. I quickly got up to see if I could find who or what was responsible for closing the door. I saw nothing. I eased my way back to the bedroom and my wife was purring softly in our bed. My mind racing, I did not exactly know what had just happened. Was it a dream? No, my whole body was under the covers, there was no way I could have been responsible for letting the recliner down. My next thought, it must be the Colonel. Why after so long is he back? I went back and sat in the dark, straining to listen for any sound out of place. That is when I heard him. A low whispering laugh. I started to get real scared. It had to be him, who else could it have been? Maybe after all these months of not talking about him he felt like I had abandoned him. Hell yes, I abandoned him. Was he out for revenge? If you have read any of my blogs you will know that I am not a writer. I write what I see, feel and believe. What is the Col. after? As I was pondering these thoughts I heard the bathroom door close, hard. I know my wife, she never slams a door and is always after me for doing it. I got up, once again, and made my way to the bathroom. The light was on with the door locked. I retreated to my bedroom to check on Lorri. She was still in bed. Who the fuck is in my bathroom? I left the bathroom and came to the computer room to write this before my mind forgot. I here banging on my bathroom door. I have to check it out. I hope to get back with you, soon.   theblogmeister

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