Monday, March 11, 2013

She Entered My Life, It would Never Be The Same

It was the year 1974 when I was first introduced to her. We hit it off, immediately. Soon, we we're inseparable. Following the concert, that Wet Willie performed, we left the place together and spent the next 6 years side by side. In that time our whole life was dedicated to going to concerts. Back then, concerts were big, I mean Big. We lived in an ideal location . Two hours to our east sat Atlanta, Ga. One hour south was, and still is, Birmingham, Al. Three hours North and we could be in Nashville, Tn. About 2 hours north we found ourselves in Huntsville, Al. Finally, 6 hours due South is the beautiful white beaches of the Gulf Coast. I have a scrap book that has all my ticket stubs and an impressive guitar pick collection. You see, back then there were general admission seating, only. Not like today where you can't get up out of your seat. Oh no, when we got into the door, we made a mad dash to the stage, so I could add to my pick collection. We are talking about some of the best Rock bands in history. I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd at Rickwood Field, the oldest baseball park still standing. Ronnie Van Zsandt and the boys were jamming, running late, that did not matter to the city of Birmingham, about 11;30 pm the power was cut off to the band. There were around 40,000 pissed off fans, not to mention Skynyrd. The next time Skynyrd played in Birmingham, they were told that they could play all night, if they so desired. It did not matter, if a band was playing within a 100 mile radius of Gadsden, Al. me and my love were there.
    Even though I had a companion, my older brother was right by our side. Life was good and I could not see it changing, anytime soon. Until I heard in late 1975 that my brother was joining the Air Force. He was to graduate in May of 1976. As a farewell party, I took him to the Boss Music Hall, in Destin, Fl. to see a band that was recommended by a dear friend. They were still playing copy music but man these guys were awesome! Every now and then they would play an original song on their upcoming debut album, yes all we had was vinyl, back then. The band we saw performing I had never heard and believed they were gonna be special. I might give it away, here, but the original song was "Gator Country" by a band that had been on the bar scene. After the release of their debut album called "Molly Hatchet" they never played in a bar, again. These guys were fantastic! From the mold of "Southern Rock" they climbed the charts like a rocket. It was unbelievable.
   Now, I had a dilemma. I was soon to lose my best friend to the Air Force and as a junior in high school it would be awhile before we would be able to maintain the concerts that we so desperately loved. I decided that if he could not go, with my love having no say, at the time, I decided to , also, join the Air Force. My brother and I were 2 years apart and we're the best of friends with a huge influence on me. This is the beginning of wild ride for my readers and I hope you tell all your friends. No more talking about politics and that other bullshit, this is for real and I survived it.                            theblogmeister

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