Friday, August 15, 2014

I was a fearless young man. An adrenaline junkie. I guess that is why I chose to be a fighter pilot. Whether it was rappelling from 140 ft. cliffs, diving my dirt bike like a man possessed. As long as I got scared doing something that was what I wanted to do.
  My brother was a couple years older and wired the same. When we were still in high school there was nothing we would not do. We tried to out do each other. Man, he was my hero. We were known to fight anywhere, anytime. There were not very many people that would fuck with us. In those days foosball was popular. We would go to a game room, put our quarter on the table and play for hours. As long as we won the next pair would try to unseat us. There would be a dozen quarters on the table from people trying to make a name for themselves by beating us. I played back and Earl played front. I swear, he had the fastest pull shot I had ever seen. That was not his only shot, either. He could handle the ball with such ease. The toe shot was his second best shot. He did most of the scoring because I would pass him the ball. I would smoke a long shot every now and then but my forte was a blocker. We would travel to tournaments and win a couple hundred bucks then come back home to school the locals. We were awesome! The only problem we had was his drinking. He drank beer all day, every day. Then one day he was on his KZ 1000 when a truck pulled out in front of him. He had no where to go. Ended up in a coma for 11 days. When he woke up and got well enough to go home he brought something with him; seizures. He had to take Dilantin to control his seizures. He would not stop drinking. The doctor told him that drinking alcohol would induce seizures. Didn't listen. In 1989 he had a seizure while diving and hit a duely loaded down with horse feed head on. Killed him instantly. This was, by far, the toughest thing I had ever tried. It took a long time for me to get over his death. I still think of him, daily. Oh well, I promise this is it for the sad shit. We are about to get into the crazy shit.
   I wake up somewhere in the Hudson River.Every time this happen,I have no clue where I will be swimming to the top to get that fresh air I need so badley. I am naked and will have to call on my ex-wife to get me someplace where I cannot be seem. I have figured out that when these water problems happen it means that I have died and are re-born. Not as a child but as myself with all knowing what will happen.I have to figure out what the hell is going on with me.

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