Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lost Goose

When I write a post I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to write.
I start with a title, then go from there. It hasn't always been that way. I would write about a dream, nightmare would be a better word, about the night before. It seems that I would sub-consciously have a nightmare just so I would have something to write the next day. I have now changed writing styles until I find one that works. How will I know what works? How does a lone goose make it to the Canadian wilderness? He probably hopes to run into another flock so he can fall into the V. Geese fly in a V formation for aerodynamic reasons. The wind eases on by. He keeps looking for some more geese. A lone goose would be better than nothing. Although, half a V would look stupid. He sees a pond, glides in to check it out. Nothing. No other geese, that is. What to do? I'm a dumb ass. I would have left when those others did but I thought they were dumb-asses for leaving early. I do this shit every year. I need to quit cussing, too.Shit, who's listening, anyway. I need to get my dumb ass up north before all the babes are taken. He flies up to catch the jet stream so he won't have to flap his wings as much. He may have some sense, after all. He's got a groove going, now. Then he hears a little voice. He can't believe what he's hearing! He can recognize that chirp from a thousand others. It's that dumb ass hummingbird that caught a ride with him last year. I tried my best to shake him last year. Flying upside down, in a spiral. When we stopped to take a piss I tip-toed away before I took off. Those little shits are fast at take-off. I couldn't lose him. I had to spend the whole way listening to his bull-shit. I swore I would check to make sure he wasn't hiding on me before I took off to head up north. Man, it's gonna be a long trip. I hope he knows the way! My burn for the day? The rule that says when hummingbirds migrate they catch rides on the backs of geese. I think it is a stupid rule and us geese should go on strike and make them little bastards fly commercial. I'm otta here! theblogmeister

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