Friday, October 16, 2009

Shit Happens

I was in the middle of a post and suddenly my screen blinks , comes back, this time without my text that I have already written. I got jipped out of 3/4 page of text. I need to call the hall monitor to let him know about what JUST HAPPENED SO HE COULD (I ain't going back to change when I accidentally hit the caps lock button.) Would you? I didn't think so. Tell somebody.
The title of my blog was DNA . As you know, I write down the title first and a story around it. A strange way to write, I'll admit, but somewhat effective, by the responses I get.
Who ever heard of DNA before the OJ trials? A Mr. Barry Scheck, one of OJ's 29 lawyers, first introduced me to those 3 letters. I found them fascinating to the point of confusing. I imagine those jurors felt the same way, hence the not guilty verdict. Now, the airwaves are saturated with those letters. CSI tells you a lot about DNA. NCIS knows quite a bit about them, too. Where does one send a DNA sample? The FBI, of course. The odds of this person raping and killing this girl are one in 26 zillion. According to the DNA. Those are some powerful letters. Recently I have heard that there have been convicts on death row have there sentences vacated because of, you got it, DNA. I am more confused about it , now, than ever before. They need to simplify. YRG and YRI. You are guilty and you are innocent. That's my burn, I'm outta here theblogmeister

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