Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Draft Status'

I was informed that one of my postings did not meet the standards set forth by My post was taken off my site and placed on 'draft status'. I received an email from explaining the reason for the 'draft status'. They did not tell me if someone complained about an article or a staff member initiated the 'draft status'. I did receive a comment from a reader blasting me for outright plagiarism. I should be ashamed of myself, he said. Apparently, this reader has not went back and read some of my earlier posts. He would then realize that shame is , or was, part of my psyche for over 30 years. He would also notice that it is a miracle I am sitting at this computer, today. I wish he would have been adult about what he thought of my plagiarism and opened up a dialogue with me instead of hurling insults. I calmly told this person that I will type, theblogmeister, after anything I write. Sometimes I will come across an article that I find interesting and will copy/paste in my blog. I generally will give the author his credit by naming him. At the end of everyone of my postings in the border of the website will be the date and posted by theblogmeister. That is not saying everything in that post was written by myself. I explained this and told the person that I would be more careful in the future so there will be no mistaking who wrote what.theblogmeister

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