Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Saga in the Making

Today,September 5,2010 we hear of another tragedy. Of another young man, who had hopes, plans, dreams, not unlike a lot of us. Senior Aircraftman Luke Southgate was diving a LandRover when hit by an I.E.D. That acronym has become synonymous with death. Death of an American or our allies. I never even heard of an IED. The one's that introduced me to IED's were one of the tribal members of an Iraqi-an religion that is absolutely ridiculous. I wonder how many news anchors would love to say those very words to a world-wide audience . Hey, Diane Sawyer: How would you like telling millions of people that their belief in ALLAH, or whoever, is like being a member to a violent street gang of Chicago. Talk about Racism! WHEW!
I am sitting in this free world saying what I want to say because of people like Aircraftman Southgate. Mr. Southgate was a member of an Airfield Protection Wing conducting patrols to help protect the Kandahar Air field and all those who operated within it. All it took was one IED, to rip and hearts that can never ever be mended are destroyed. I am writing down here from Alabama. I've never been to Afghanistan however, I am a veteran. I feel some kinship, there. Like a fraternaty, almost.
Mr. Southgate was planning to stay for another 2 years then join the elite, the Special Forces.
Here is just a few of what his friends said:

He was passionate about machine guns and loved being part of Direct Weapons Fire Unit.

He showed great potential, was a superb soldier, and a loyal comrade.He was rightly, quietly, confident in his abilities.He was proud of what he had achieved and held high hopes for the future.
In closing.I ask myself is this all worth it? If it keeps al-queda form striking the US I am all for it. But, what if it does nothing to keep America safe. That is an answer that I simply do not have the answer to. It is up to each of us. Surely, our children did not die for nothing.For those who have lost a loved one, well, I'm here to say that you're family member did not die for nothing, they died protecting for the right I have to sit here and say what ever I want to say, To All of you say, God Bless America and the United Kingdom!

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