Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Bird

  As you can see I have replaced the dark universe with some free birds. Just think how nice it would be if we could do that with our lives. I live in the light. The light is my power. My Demon rules the dark. Always has, always will. All of my fears are manifest through my sub-conscious while the night has taken control. I do not have any fears while I am awake, in the daylight. My fears, emotionally and psychologically, happen at night. I can feel the uneasiness as the sun starts to set. Historically, demons have powers at night. Count Dracula is based on a real person. The Count ruled the night. Vampires cannot handle the sunlight. The Vampire bat is a real animal that sleeps during the day and comes alive at night. My Demon is no different than those demons of lore. The Colonel is my Demon. His power comes alive at night. He is not afraid of the dark. Sound familiar? I understand that we are products of our environment. I believe that. I have been 'programmed' during my psychological development to believe that there are two forces at work in this world. Good and evil. Black and white. Hot or cold. Short or tall. Fat or skinny. See what I mean? For every action there is a reaction. Two forces at work. You have positive; good, clean, sweet. Then you have negative; bad, dirty, sour. In my case, post traumatic stress, I attribute all that is bad with evil. Demonic, darkness. Before I made the decision to take another mans life those same two forces were at work. I guess it could be innate. No, I do not believe that man has instincts. What I do believe is those two forces have been very busy with me over the past three decades. It got so bad at one point that I considered taking my own life. What stopped me? Those same two forces were at work. The ultimate stand-off. God vs. Satan. I realized that all my life I had believed in only two forces and was introduced to a third. Mediocrity. Not hot, nor cold, warm. I settled with the middle. Now, sadly I seem to be stuck there. Can I use it to my advantage? I think it is possible. A drug addict chooses abuse over use. Hell, moderation is the key. That is what my favorite author says. I'm gonna try to keep it between the lines today.  theblogmeister

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