Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Footsteps Were Very Faint

  Something woke me up. I sat up in bed and listened for several minutes. Then I heard them, footsteps. I reached over to see if my wife was still in bed with me, she was. My heart began pounding almost too loud. Then I heard them, again. It seemed that whoever was in my house was not moving very fast. A few steps at a time. Where they were going, I could not tell. There, I heard them, again. They were coming from the front room. My senses were heightened threefold. I waited. I was afraid that whoever it was could hear my heartbeat. I listened intently. There they were. Where were they going? There is a front room and a bedroom up there. He or it had to be in the front room because if he were in the bedroom I would not be able to hear him. What the fuck is he doing here? I do not have that much to steal. I know it is not a burglar. I know exactly what it is. It is the Colonel. I hear them, again. It seems like that he has walked over to my bookshelf where I keep a lot of pictures. He pauses. I can almost bet you that he is looking at my pictures. I have not even got out of bed, yet. I have not heard them for several minutes so, I get up, quietly, and put my pants on with my hearing maxed out to hear him over the light noise that I am making, myself. I hear a couple sliding paces, that's all. I walk, gingerly to my door hoping my dog does not bark at me. My dog is pissed at me for kicking his ass out the house the other day for pissing in the floor after I asked him if he needed to go potty. I opened the door and he decided to piss in my kitchen. He sleeps at the foot of our bed and he did not give me away, lucky bastard. I made it to my door when I heard the front bedroom door open. Thank God for squeaky hinges. The bastard, not the dog, is playing with me. I do not know what he would go into the bed room for. I stop and question my own sanity and wonder if all of this shit is in my head. It will make you question your own self. I have been dealing with this bastard, not the dog, for over thirty years. The shit he has put me through or is it me. I am not insane so, it has to be him. I hear the door close behind him. What the fuck? There is no other way out of that room. Well, humanly possible. I step out of my bedroom, my wife's slow steady breathing, sounds inviting. I almost talk myself into joining her back in that warm bed. No, I have to see what the Colonel has for me. I very slowly walk towards the front bedroom. I gotta tell you, I am scared, shitless. I should be used to this. It has been going along for so long. He has just recently entered my world. I used to be only dream state. He has not physically entered my realm for a short of time. I make my way through the kitchen, I am twenty feet from the bedroom door. I can see the door in the moon light. As I make my way out of the kitchen I can see a light coming from underneath the door. Let me remind you, once again, that I'm scared shitless. No, shitful. Because if something happened real quick, I'd probably shit my  pants. I walk across the front room I can hear a monitor. One that sounds like a patient that is hooked up to a heart monitor. I slowly and gingerly grab the door knob and start to turn it, praying that nothing comes running out of that room, because that is when the shit falls. I open the door and it is not my bedroom. It is room 225 at Eglin regional hospital. The door opens all the way and the Colonel, in his bed, tells me, "Damn glad to see you, Riley. I was wondering when you were coming back?" I close the door and look at the inside of my house trying to get my shit together. What the fuck is happening. This is impossible. The time space continuum has just been blown apart. I open the door and walk in. "What's with you? Get too much pussy out on the beach?" followed by laughter. I walked into his bathroom and looked at a twenty year old me in the mirror. I am wigging, now. I just want to get the fuck back home and the Colonel;s ass out of my house. I came out of the bathroom and he said, "Hold on a minute, what is wrong with you, Riley?" I looked him dead in the eye and told him that he better get the fuck out of my house, right this minute, or I was gonna beat the fuck out of him to make sure that you died twice. He looked at me like I was crazy, then began an evil laugh that got so deafening, the lights went dark. I fumbled for the light switch, turned it on and it was my bedroom. I walked back to check on my wife and she was sound asleep and I could only weep. Why the fuck is this happening. It is not all  in my head. This shit really happened. I know it defies all laws of physics but what can I say. No One would believe me. I can't explain it and I am almost sure that I will hear from him, again.                             theblogmeister

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