Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rearranged Memories

 Something happened to someone who is very special to me. There was a time that she was more important than anything else on earth. It was Sweet Emotion. Time has traveled by and we changed into who we are, today. She is married to a great guy, I know this because she has deserved to have a great guy. I'm a great guy, but not the great guy we were talking about a little bit ago. So, now let us talk about this other great guy. I have a woman that is a very important part of my life and means more to me than words. Let us put the two great guys, aside, for a moment. I found out that the memories of a past love were temporarily re-assigned. How can this be? It was the result of an accident causing a concussion, which is why the memories were temporarily re-assigned. A concussion is when, as the result of a fall, the brain got wiggled back an forth, therefore, returning that brain to a time gone by. If the brain is wiggled too much it can produce a fatal basil skull fracture resulting in death. That was not the outcome of this particular concussion, Thank God. But what did happen is very intriguing, indeed. Our memories are strange enough by themselves. To have them temporarily re-assigned, I wish that I had the patent on that one. One moment my friend is living in 2011 and Bam! it is the early 1980's. Her rock-star son is in his preschool age. She does not recognize her husband and is worrying about her babies, A one-hundred forty pound chow and her son named Wayne. She has been involved in a terrible car accident in Ft. Smith Arkansas .Let me be specific, these memories were given life as a result of the fall, a few days ago. While my friend lay in the hospital she is worried about her toddler son and her pet. Unfortunately, the pet did not survive the vehicle accident. My friend is seeing people that she does not know until her Mother arrived at the hospital. Afraid that her son was injured she asked her Mom to tell her the truth. Her Mom told her the truth, except it was the truth at another time. She told her that her son was okay and was getting some x-rays done.That was a hell of a smart move because it gave my friend some peace. Her 16 year old daughter came into her room and she was asked to leave. She did not know this person. Imagine having all the people that you care about trying to see and talk to you and you do not know why. You do not know these people. The person that you were married to has been dead twenty-two years, but you do not know that.The family that you thought you were a part of is not coming to see if you are okay. All you see are strangers. How do you process that information? You are told that the man you were married to is dead but he has never left your side. You are forced to grieve for those that you have already grieved for. Your life has been changed. Then a miracle happens. The man that you did not know has become someone that you know and love. You realize that you had asked your daughter to leave has returned and is someone that is more than a face. Slowly the memories return and are bitter sweet. Those that mean more to you are back. Sadly, some will never be back. Some you can hold onto and know that they will never leave.
  My friend slowly got her memory back. For a time, she was in another place at another time. Welcome home.                                         theblogmeister

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  1. This is a beautiful and tragic story...both sweet and bitter...and so true...thank you Mark for not only seeing but feeling this from a perspective few would or even could......I will always love you and your brother.....xoxox She


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