Monday, March 28, 2011

Spirit In The Sky

  I apologize to my readers for being lazy and writing, lately. I have thought a lot about the story of my friend and her accident. She is doing much better and has regained most, if not all, of her memories. I can only imagine what she must have went through. The thought of waking up in another decade is frightening, to say the least. I have tried to put myself in her situation and have come to the conclusion that I would absolutely freak out. My memories have been the reason I have been put on medication, legal or not, and have been the result of terror over the past thirty years. Then I think of some good memories I wish I had the means to re-live. The thing with my friends situation was that she did not have any choice of the memories she was forced to re-live. That is a little scary, to me. The whole situation is scary. I want you to try and put yourself in her shoes, if you can. You have an accident that causes you to go back many years and all the memories that you have accumulated are gone. Memory, if my memory serves me correct, is the job of a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Among other jobs of the hippocampus, one is to forget things that have happened. It is impossible to remember everything that has happened in your life so the hippocampus decides what to forget. There are many more memories that we forget than those that we remember. Now, in her situation, she did not remember many years. She looked at her husband and did not know who he was. That is scary as hell. Then you do not realize the extent of your problem because you are forced back to another time. You may wonder some things but it would be hard to know that something serious has happened. You may think that you are fine. It is really intriging that the brain can be tricked into thinking it is another time. I just have not been able to get this story out of my mind. I have heard of people that have developed amnesia for what ever reason and I have to ask how a person knows he has amnesia. Someone that knows that person has to be the one that sees there is a problem, in the first place. I said before that I wished I had the ability to return to certain times of my life and re-experience them. Who wouldn't? I would also love to be able to choose memories and erase them, forever. Once again, Who wouldn't? The whole aspect of 6 pounds of grey matter can figure out things the largest computer cannot is fascinating. With the ability to wipe out certain memories, it would increase my quality of life. I just find this whole thing fascinating. My friend would probably have something else to say about it, though. Anyway, I am thankful that you are okay and keep getting better.       theblogmeister

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