Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tony's Near Death Experience

   In the early 1970's, I was a a follower of the hippies. peace,, love, sex and of coarse...drugs. i quickly graduated from marijuana to, LSD, hashish, meth pills and heroin, although I only used heroin with one so called friend.
  I had some extra cash and with another friend went on my trip to to spanish side of town where it was easy to score. me and Dave took my car to an empty lot of rubble where Dave said he could score good stuff. we pooled our cash, a measly $60.00, but that was enough for each of use to "get off" 2-3 times each. we soon hooked up with a Puerto rican lad. he was young, but nervous always looking around. the usual are you a "nark" question was asked and we continued to test by licking the powder to ensure it wasn't a rip-off.
  It seemed real strong so we wanted to do some to make sure. This is not the normal coarse of action but this was a bad area and there were many scammers trying to take your money for the rip=off. We sat in my car as the kid opened up the tin foil and said this was a $60.00 bag or 1/2 gram. Dave insisted of a sample, so he rolled up his sleeve took out his needle, "works" and tried some. He immediately started to nod off saying this was good stuff, the best he's ever had and was barely able to speak. I then wanted to do some and gave the kid the money. As I did mine, which was rare because i always had someone else do the setting up for me. I didn't like needles and was lame on the amounts or size to do. Basically, I was inexperienced. I did everything on my own for the first time. The kid asked Dave if I can do good dope and I said I could, since Dave was in his dumbfounded state. Well, as I was injecting myself that was my last conscience vision. I overdosed.
  I awoke in a blinding light. beautiful, brilliant, dazzling. but I wasn't touching anything. I was floating, drifting, slowly upwards. I also had a sort of umbilical cord, descending towards a body, lying on a white table. There were 3 people on both sides looking at me, murmuring strange words. As I looked upwards there was a whiteness that was whiter than anything I'd ever seen. I started to go towards the end, but there was no end. I just kept trying to reach the end. I had never felt such tranquility before. Peace, love, no negativity at all, nothing but a nice, clear, clean emotion of sorts. I can't explain this feeling in detail just peaceful, nice, beautiful, and relaxed to the max.
  After awhile which was unspecified, I looked down again and saw a nurse, crying, putting her hands on my chest. A man dressed in black was making the sign of a cross, the other man was standing doing nothing. I started to get closer when I saw the body on the table was me. I was lying still, looking ugly, tired and dirty, but with a lax motionless body. When the man in white took out a needle and put it in my arm he backed away to a little table and rolled up his sleeves and started pounding on my chest as the nurse assisted him. The man in black was quoting the bible. It seemed like a long time but the nurse started laughing and the Doctor smiled. I started to open my eyes when suddenly it felt like I was being sucked down into the body. I then was in a dazed stupor blinking and I saw tears of happiness in the nurses eyes. I remember saying what happened to me? the doctor replied. "Son, your the luckiest kid I've ever seen. You just died from a drug overdosed and we revived you". I didn't know what to say and closed my eyes and rested. I was only 19 on that afternoon in 1973. It changed my life from a drug addict to a college grad in culinary arts, and later a successful cable TV contractor. I'm 58 now, disabled from a nerve disease, but I remember this clearly like that same day. I think of what I was and how I changed. It took 2 years to rehab from all the garbage I was putting into my body. Once my family had disowned me, because of my choices, after cleaning up, they looked up to me. I have 3 nephews who became chefs and managers in the food industry. They told me it was because of inspiration from me and my life story.It made me so proud I cried. This nerve disease has caused new devastation in my life now a new battle has surfaced. For 11 years I've declined, but I remain strong from this NDE. knowing...there is hope...for a better here after...Tony.

This NDE, as many as I have read, has the classic 'white light' scenerio in it. Could it be that the brilliant white light that so many talk about be a form of God? Just the color itself, white, is symbolic of good, pure. It is, indeed, something to consider.

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