Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Living Speaks With The Dead

This is another example of what a care givers, one that sits with elderly patients, believes about communicating with loved ones that have crossed that realm to a new dimension. You can believe what you choose. I am just giving you another example of the phenomenon of the living communicating with the dead.

  When people are approaching death - maybe weeks, even months sometimes - it's not uncommon for them to experience dead relatives coming to visit. The husband who died years before. Mom and Dad visiting an 88-year-old daughter. People with Alzheimer's and other dementia also have these visitors.
  For family members, who may not know or be involved with other elders as they are with their own parents, can be really upset by these dead visitors. However, there's no need to be upset. They're just passing visitors, or visitations, or waking dreams or - you decide. One thing they are NOT is crazy. They're not even unusual manifestations.
They're so usual that someone like myself, who spends a fair amount of time being with elders who are dying, or going to get there, are familiar with the phenomenon. Ask any hospice nurses - they'll tell you the same.
Now I don't really even try to define what the phenomenon is, because how would I know - other than that these are normal around-dying events. People are very comforted by these visits.
  I have a dear friend of 92 who was seriously ill in hospital, from which she recovered - thank goodness. When she returned home, she told me her late husband had been sitting in the chair beside her bed the whole time.
So should I have called in the psych nurses? Told her doctor she was crazy? Phoned for the exorcist to drop round to her house? Of course not. If you spend time with the dying, you'll find they often have these experiences and are happy to share them. I'm happy to hear about them I'm happy they still feel so in touch with those who loved them. I happy to hear that the continuing spirits of those who have left their bodies come to help and comfort the living who may soon join them.
  I neither believe nor disbelieve in their experiences. I don't have to, because they're not my experiences and furthermore, they are clearly helpful, spiritually uplifting and loving experiences, so what the heck?
  I'm always amazed that people who purport to be practicing Christians, a religion in which life after death is a big feature, get bent out of shape by accounts of these experiences.
And they do. They get upset, they want Mom medicated out of her visitations - weird huh? It's as if they just can't handle that there may actually be life after death. Me> I'm cool with people's accounts of their experiences.
  There's hardly a culture or religion in the whole world not familiar with such accounts. visitations, experiences. But in the USA, oh my! Actually, in my experiences of talking with a lot of Americans about a lot of personal lives, I find that these around-death experiences probably touch about 70 percent of everyone. They're just afraid to talk about them in case we think they're nuts. Isn't that sad?
  So, my dears, if Mom tells you Grandma and Grandpa came to see her - and you know they've been dead for 50 years - don't be spooked. Just smile and nod and be glad that her heart, her mind, her spirit, the drugs or your grandparents, are supporting at a time of greatest need for such visits.
Remember, dead relatives coming to visit - that's normal.

  I have had many relations with those that have crossed to the other realm. This is someone else's perspective.    theblogmeister

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