Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Humming

I had to find out where or the origin of the humming sound. It came from everywhere. I stepped outside to see if the noise was caused by a helicopter. Where ever I went the sound remained the same. I did not wake up my wife. She has been through enough dealing with my two worlds. I slipped on my shoes and walked around the house. The sound stayed the same. There was one thing that intrigued me while I was outside. I have a dog that is attached to a dog run. I looked over towards her and I could see her sleeping peacefully. If the humming was of this world she would have been barking loudly. My question has been answered; it is not from this world. I walked back out on my porch, sat down, and considered what I should do next. Five minutes later and the sound suddenly stopped. I tried to figure out the reason behind the sound. I had no answer. I walked toward the kitchen to get something to drink and noticed that the bedroom's light in the front of the house was on. I know I had not turned that light on and I also am sure that it was not on, before. This bedroom has a long history in my dealings with the colonel. I had a dream that involved this room on several occasions. On one of those dreams I woke up in the middle of the night to find a bright light coming from behind the bedroom door. It was not the light mounted on the ceiling giving off the brilliant light that was coming from behind the door. That light was not capable of putting out such brilliant light. I reached for the doorknob and slowly opened the door and what I saw caused me to scream so loud that it woke up my wife. You can find the story in my past posts, I am not gonna re-tale it, here. Maybe this room has some sort of meaning to it. Possibly a portal to another plane. I slowly opened the door, once again. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up because of the past history with this room. I did not know what would be behind the door. I could feel my pulse pounding in my ears, my breathing increasing. A part of me wanted to close the door and go climb in bed with my wife. I know I could not stop. For whatever reason the colonel has for trying to instill fear in me I was not going to let him win. I'm no hero. To be honest, I was scared shit less. This is my house. I cannot let what I do not understand create fear that drives me away. I opened the door all the way and there was nothing in there. The light suddenly started to dim and it was back to its normal lumen. How the hell did that light put out such an intense light? I stared at the light and ceiling fan until I noticed his smell. It was the colonel. I could smell him. This is the first time he has not confronted me. Now I am really confused. This shit is driving me crazy. I said out loud, "Come out you chicken shit son- of- a- bitch." No answer. I did not have an answer, either.     theblogmeister

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