Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am on a Roll

This is the way it happens. Maybe it is because I am spending too much time thinking about the Bastard. I can't help it. This morning at about 3am I was woken up by a very loud humming sound. It was loud enough to rattle my windows. I fell asleep at some point in my recliner, so, when I was trying to find the origin of the humming I walked in to check on my wife asleep in the bed. The noise did not interrupt her sleep. I walked back out on the back porch, where my recliner and TV is located, and sat down to figure out if the humming was coming from inside me or from reality. How can the noise transfer from one consciousness to another by rattling my windows? It would be easier for me to write it off had it not been for noise from this plane. I don't mean airplane, I am talking about two separate planes of consciousness. One would be a dream or nightmare, the other plane is one that exists that allow the spirit world to survive. I know I am sounding like a quack but I am a regular guy that just so happens to have experienced some strange things that cannot be explained by our laws of physics. It is another level of consciousness. There are examples of it happening to regular people like me every day. A woman gets a strange feeling the exact moment her daughter dies in an automobile accident. Another loses a family member and they are visited that night by their deceased loved one. This is not hocus pocus, palm reading shit that I am talking about. You know exactly what I mean. You may know someone who has had unexplainable things happened to them. There is a show on A&E called Celebrity Ghost Stories. Let me say that I am not the kind of person that watches every ghost show or believe everything I read about the occult. Most of it is bullshit. I watched that show the other night and you could tell these people saw what they said they saw. I know they are actors, but watch the show and see for yourself. There are things that we, as a people, do not know. The only thing that I know and understand, to a point, is my experiences. I do not who told me, when I was eleven, the things to save my mothers life. I can say with fact that I sat in front of someone that has been dead over thirty years and could smell his breath. Was it a dream? I don't know. There are some questions that I do not have the answer to. There are a lot of things that I can't answer. My brother was killed in 1989 and I have seen him, since. Was that a dream? My mother died in 2008 and she has been to check on me. Was that a dream? The professionals will tell you, of course, it was a dream. Like they know. I have been dealing with Psychologists and Psychiatrists for a long time. They do not have the answers. So, who the hell does? When you find him give him my email. Thanks, I'll have some answers, soon.    theblogmeister

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