Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Colonel Can Wait

Yes, I did have a dream about the colonel last night but that is not what I want to talk about, today. My insides are burning because of the actions of my step-daughter and what she has taken from me. For the past year, my granddaughter has been spending every Friday night with my wife and I. Sadie is my step granddaughter but I love her as if she was my own flesh and blood. She also loves coming to Paw Paw's house and is the most precious 2 year old I have ever seen. The problem is her mother, my step-daughter. Over the years we have had a good relationship. She was 23 when her mother and I got married and had a son named Mason. He is 8, now and loves to come stay with us, too. A little over two years ago Chrissy, my step-daughter, got married to a guy that seemed okay. He had an attitude that he was a little better than everyone else. That was the only fault I saw in him. He has convinced Chrissy that vaccines are not good for kids and refuses to have Sadie vaccinated. He claims that vaccines are the cause of autism. I know there is a study in the correlation of vaccines and autism but the study cannot prove the connection. My wife and her daughter got into a big fight over this very subject. As a result of this fight she, Chrissy, has decided that we will no longer be able to have the kids over to spend the night. I text Chrissy and told her that it was not fair or right to use her kids as pawns to punish people she is mad towards. We are not the only people that she is mad at and not letting her kids visit. Chrissy text her husband, who called me, and told me that it was his decision to not let the kids stay with us any longer. I told him what a dumb-ass he was and he was acting like a child. He threatened me and I told him that I would stomp a mud hole in his ass. Because of their stupidity, I will not get to see my beautiful Sadie, anymore. So, I text Chrissy, again and sent her a vaccine program that Bill and Melinda Gates are sponsoring. I said that I am fairly sure that the Gates have the money to research the autism debate and have concluded that there is no correlation between vaccines and autism. I reminded her that they are a lot smarter than me, you, and your dumb-ass husband. There is no getting through to them. It has to be the husband convincing Chrissy of the false beliefs of vaccines. Well, he called me, again, and told me that if I contact his wife that he would file harassment charges against me. I tried one more time to convince him about vaccines. I asked, "How do you think we eradicated polio?" No talking. "How do you think we eradicated smallpox?" Still silent "You had your shots, by the way, how did that go?" Just breathing. He had no answer and yet he is going to jeopardize my Sadie's health because he is a dumb-ass. I'm so mad right now if I saw him I would stomp the shit out of him. "Don't contact my wife or me, again." He hung up. I said it before, he is a dumb-ass. I will do some research to see if the vaccines are mandatory. I know you can get out of taking them for religious reasons but count on it. I will find out how I can get Sadie the shots she needs. Then I am gonna whoop his dumb-ass.     theblogmeister 

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