Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Not Afraid

I woke up with a jolt. Sat straight up in bed and looked all around. Someone was here. I looked down at my wife and her rhythmic breath sounds were soothing. The inhalation of gases that I don't even know how to spell. I do know the main one. Oxygen. It is also the greatest cure for a hangover. Inhale about three 100% pure breaths of 02 and you will feel brand new. There is two things that we have to have, among others, to survive and they are oxygen and water. We cannot live without water. A couple of molecules of hydrogen bonded to a molecule of oxygen and we have the greatest miracle of life. Why is it a miracle, you ask? I'm glad you did. There are two gases, not what you put in your tank, I am talking about a form of matter. The other two are solid and liquid. OK, science class is over. Let me finish the miracle and I will move on to another miracle. Hydrogen and oxygen are two of the most flammable substances known to man. Remember the zeppelin? No, not 'Stairway to Heaven.' That blimp that caught fire and all those guys jumping trying to get away from the burning hydrogen.Yep, that shit burns. Everybody knows that oxygen burns. You have to have oxygen to cause a fire.That one extra hydrogen molecule and you have the best thing to put out a fire. Whoever thought up that, now he is 'The Man' or as most of us know him as God. I have proof that God exists. I can hear those atheists go, yeah right. The agnostic wants to hear, more. On the other hand if I believe in God, I must believe in the devil. I will prove it. Hot and cold. Light and dark. Large and small. Black and white. Push and pull. Open and closed. Narrow and wide. Deep and shallow. Right and left. Up and down. near and far. Here and there. Soft and hard. Straight and bent. Tall and short. Relaxed and nervous. Lost and found. Fast and slow. GOOD and EVIL. For every action there is a reaction. There are things that we cannot explain because we do not have the knowledge. Things happen on this earth but I believe there is another earth. I lost a brother when I turned 30 that I thought there would be no way I would ever get over it. It bothered me and it disrupt my daily life. I became a burden to my parents and my friends. Something had to be done. If someone would not have stepped in to save me I would have ended up in the same place. I would have left this body. I was a mess. Then one night I was driving home from a friends house. I turned down the road that I lived on and like every other time I drove that road I looked at my brother's house that was next door to my parent's house, where I was staying. It was about 11pm at night with no clouds in the sky. I saw someone standing on the front porch, beckoning me to come over. I pulled my car into my parents driveway and got out. I stood there trying to convince myself of what I saw. I walked over to my brother's house and walked in the front door. There was a lamp that was on sitting by the couch. I knew this was beyond me because my parents had had the power turned off a few days after Cornbread was killed. I was afraid. I did not see anyone, so, I walked over and sat on the couch. I looked up and the door was closed. I did not see anyone close it nor did I hear it closing.All of a sudden I could smell the cologne he used to wear and I turned to my left and saw him standing there. I jumped up and was headed over to give him a bear hug. He held out his hand and told me that he was not yet in his glorified body and we could not touch. I listened to him tell me to tell Mom that he was sorry and that he was doing good for her not to worry about him. He said to tell Dad that it was more beautiful than he could imagine. He looked at me with those steel blue eyes and told me to treat others good and that one day we would be together, again I told him to wait, don't go. He said he came to show me the way and he would see me again, too. Tears were falling down my eyes. I started to weep. My wife woke up and asked, "Bubba? That was all that was said. Did I talk to my brother? I do not have a doubt in my mind that what happened was real because after that I began to change from the inside. Thank you my brother and thank you God.     theblogmeister 

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