Monday, June 20, 2011

Snooping Around

I was curious the other day and was wondering how many more people like me are out there. I googled 'visits from the dead' and was surprised at how many stories there are similar to mine. I gotta tell you, there was some that were way out there, if you know what I mean. I'm talking weird shit like necrophilia, look it up if you do not know what it means, and some stuff that was written by several people using the same computer. (multiple personalities). I found a good bit of it amusing. I hope that my writings do not fall into that category. My stories started out with a lot of trepidation. When I first started there was not many people reading my blog. I do not know how it happened but suddenly I have a huge following. That is why I try to log in something every night. Anyway, the stories that i read about other people's life made me understand why I have such a huge following. I have been reading about this girl that is being visited by her grandmother every night. I think about the opportunity to spend one night with my grandmother and I get chills. My Daddy's mother lived until she was 97, I think. I was in prison when my grandmother died and it hurts, a lot. The year before she died, I was at a minimal security camp in Childersburg, Alabama, not very far from my home. Visitations were on Sunday and you had to have you visitors on a list, pre-approved to visit. I had my immediate family, only. My Dad's mother, Grandmother Riley, came to visit me at Childersburg. They would not let her see me because she was not on the pre-approved list. My Grandmother wanted to know why she could not see me, she had driven with my Dad all the way from Gadsden and she wanted to see me. She didn't understand why see was not allowed to see me. I did get to talk for a minute through the fence until the guard caught us. Just those couple minutes I will cherish the rest of my life. She died not long after and I could not go to the funeral. I did get to tell her that I loved her. Prison sucks! You would think after going to prison once it would make you a changed man. Not this hard head. I had it too easy in prison. The first camp I went to was a 2600 soybean field. I was in a squad of about 30 guys and we were digging drainage channels for the farm. I mean they had to be u-shaped, with zero grass. My second day on the farm, with a hand full of blisters, the farm boss said, "How many graduated from high school? Hold up your hand." I held up my hand as I was looking around the squads. My hand was the only one raised. "Go over to the Farm office and see Mr.Jerrells." he said. I said "When? Right now. Thank you God. I went to see the farm supervisor and he asked me if I was good at math. Hell yes. My mind said the first word. Anyway, I was in charge of the gas and diesel. I had my own office with a fan, coffee pot, and private bathroom. That was the biggest perk. Use your imagination. Riley's Gas Station is what my sign read. Sweet job. No hot sun, no blisters, and no blue ball. My next stop was a little different.       theblogmeister

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