Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who Hit Rewind?

My brain has reverted back to the late seventies. Well, Not what I have learned, rather. what my sub-conscious is up to. After the traumatic event that happened in 1978, some call it PTSD, my dreams are reverting back to that time era. The past several days I have dreamt the same dreams that I dreamt after the colonel's last breath. Weird dreams, scary dreams, dreams that seem to try to punish me for what I had done. For over thirty years, I have had these dreams that tormented my soul. They made sleep almost impossible. Then, after many years of treatment for PTSD I had the chance to sit face to face with the colonel. There was no fear or apprehension. Those two questions, "Why do you fear me?", "Why do you fear me?" It pissed me off so bad that I let loose a tirade of reasons why he had brought fear into my life. Like a coward that he is, He has started over. Am I going to go through those nightmares and relive them, again? I have no control over my sub-conscious mind. I had a professor in college that stated we only dreamt in black and white and that our nightmares were in color. Bullshit! I gave him an example. I asked him, when did the concept of black and white originate? He had no answer. My belief is that before the invention of the camera, which came before television, no concept of black and white existed. How can humans dream in something that does not exist? It is impossible. Most psychologists are Freud freaks and I reminded my professor that Freud was a dope head. It is true. He documented the use of several narcotics, including LSD, in his book, Sigmund Freud's Cocaine Papers. I am not making this up. Google it, don't take my word. As I was stating before, I have no control of what my mind is up to after I am asleep. Once again, I am having to deal with a soul that has either,a. not crossed over, or b. can move from reality to reality. Time travel, if you will. Man is unable to figure out this phenomenon. Those that have moved on to another parallel universe has mastered the art. That is my only conclusion. Otherwise, why has the colonel chosen to try to do something that did not work the first time. In the mean time, I will have to endure the fear of the past. Time has a total different effect on those that are not of this world. A day to the dead may be a year to the living, I do not know. I have a little bit of an advantage this time. When the colonel chooses to make himself available to me I will most definitely handle it different.    theblogmeister

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