Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When It Rains......

  I took my wife to the doctor, the other day, to have some blood work done. She has to have it done because she is on coumadin, a drug to keep from having clots. Two years ago my wife developed a thrombus, a stationary clot, in her left calf. The thrombus turned into an em bolus, a moving clot. The clot reached her lung and was dissolved before it could make it to the heart or brain. If that would have happened I would have lost her. We got a call from her doctor yesterday morning and was told that her hemoglobin was 7.5. The normal value is 14. Hemoglobin is a part of the blood that carries iron. Besides her hemoglobin being dangerously low, her Hematocrit was also very low. The doctor told us to go to the hospital and have my wife admitted. His concern was that she was bleeding internally. Taking coumadin is not good if there is bleeding involved. Yesterday, she was taken to outpatient surgery to have an endoscopy tube ran down her esophagus to check out  her stomach. We learned that there were no signs of bleeding, the stomach looked good. Then she was prepped for a colonoscopy to be ran today. While she waited on the magnesium citrate to do its job she was given two units of blood to bring the low values back up. Today, she had her colonoscopy done and the doctor could not find any bleeding in her bowels. Every thing on that end looked good, also. They let me bring her home with some iron tablets to take TID. They could not find the reason for the low blood values. You may think that I am off my rocker, now? If anything happens to my wife and I lose her I am gonna have some problems that make the visits from the colonel seem completely normal. I cannot live without her. She is the reason that I am blessed with some walking around sense. After every thing that she learned about my PTSD and all the other bullshit that is wrong with my life, she took a chance on me, believed in me and married me. She is the one woman that I have spent together in a tractor trailer for months at a time and we never argued. I am not just saying this. She is absolutely one incredible woman. We love to be around each other. I would rather spend my weekends with her than go to Vegas with my buddies. Not like I could ever afford to go to Vegas. I love her that much and I wish that I had the money to do something for her. Money does not mean that much to her, thank God. We barely make it by. But I love it. I just want her close by. I cannot handle it if something happened to her. I swear I would join her. If you believe that there is a supreme being that created us and has the power to intervene in our lives I want you to ask God, or whomever you call God, to watch over my wife, Lorri, and ask him to let her stay with me. Please. Thank you      theblogmeister

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