Friday, September 17, 2010

My Story

  It's 1 am and I can't stop thinking about the story that changed my life. His name was Colonel Renold L. DeBarge. A patient of mine that cursed my life. I had been working on the Ortho floor for about a year. I was the best tech on that unit. I had enrolled in Okaloosa-Walton Jr. College to get my pre-med classes started. I was working days when the Col. was admitted on our floor. We had one isolation room on our floor and that was the room the Col. was admitted into. Room 225. He and I hit it  off  immediately. He was a retired Full Bird Colonel and a fighter pilot. The most intriguing man I had ever met. Smart, witty, full of great stories. I spent most all my spare time with him. He was also dying. He had terminal cancer with less than 6 months to live. My commanding officer told me that I was getting too emotionally connected to the Col. That I should start pulling back. So, I did. The Col. kept asking for me. He met with my commanding officer and requested me full time. Instead of telling him that was not possible, she told me that I was assigned to the Col. and no other patient. That was fine with me. Until, about two weeks later, the Col. asked me if I would do him a favor. Of course, I told him. Anything. He asked me to end this all for him. It did not register, at first. I made him clarify his request. What he was asking me to do was kill him. After he worked me for a couple weeks I agreed to do it. To go against everything I was made of, inside. I was going to be a doctor. I shall do no harm. A part of the Hippocratic Oath. I had to think about this. Think I did.  theblogmeister

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