Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Journal

  I can not accurately tell you how much narcotics I had obtained. I can say this; a hell-of-a-lot. With that much drugs one becomes very popular. I had friends that I did not know that I had. We had so much fun the next several weeks that I decided to repeat the process. I entered the non-drug store the same way as before and just so happened to have another large garbage bag hanging out my back pocket. Lucky me. I can not accurately tell you how much, as before, a hell-of-a-lot. This time I had gained a few friends that did not know you were not supposed to talk to the police about a drug store burglary. That must be why I got a visit from the local Chief of Police, who, by the way, asked me to come to the station to have a chat. He was kind enough to give me a ride. When we got to the station there were several other law enforcement officers present. I recognized them from previous visits. One, in particular, lost his temper because he did not like the answers to his questions that I was giving him. He was so mad at me that he punched me several times in the head and abdomen. There were four officers to one. Me. So, I did not punch back. They did not have any evidence and hoped that I would confess my sins. I did not see a preacher, so, I told them I knew of no such burglary. I had to leave my tennis shoes with the officers to aid in their investigation. I walked home barefooted. About 6 months later I was sitting in my recliner having just ingested several somas, experiencing jerking motions, when there was a loud knock on my door. I was still shaking a little bit, so, I yelled for them to come on in. Was I surprised when about a dozen narcotic task force officers came charging in, throwing me to my floor to hand cuff me. "We have a search warrant," an officer said." Do I need to be cuffed to let you look through all my stuff?" I asked. I was told to go outside and sit on the porch while they tore my house apart. Then they brought in a mean looking dog to sniff around. They found some items that were purchased illegally and took me to jail. I had a $50,000 dollar cash bond. It was the same officers I had left my shoes with months ago. I never got those shoes back but you will not believe what I did get.   theblogmeister

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