Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comments Are Not Illeagal

I was looking back through some of my posts and found moderately few comments. I know of one person that probably checks in on my blog from time to time. My psychologists. I know , believe me. I stopped writing there for a while. My meds were upped (is that even a real word) and I get real sleepy LOT EARLIER THAN USUAL. The heck with it. I ain't gonna erase it. It seems that I am looking at a producer and he is giving me the 'stretch it' sign. It must mean that I do not have very much to say. While I am sitting here with a temporary case of Alzheimer's this would be a good time to thank all of our men in uniform. No, not the orange jumpsuit! Our men in the military. We, without a doubt, have the ultimate, most sophisticated and dedicated military in the world. We have two wars, with one drawing down soon, involving hundreds of thousands of men, millions of tons of equipment, and a group of guys making sure everyone gets what they need. Well, most of the time. Do you understand what a logistical magic show that is? It boggles my mind. That is not saying much about me. I boggle my own mind. Went to the store the other day and the attendant says, "Can I help you?" I had no idea if he could or not. So, I told him. He gave me the strangest look I have ever seen. Then he just stood there and stared at me. I don't know about him, but my parents taught me not to stare. He ignored me and asked the lady standing behind me if he could help her. Talk about rude! Well, I won't be going back in that store, again. Please, leave a comment. I don't care if it is rude or not. And, I promise you that you will not go to jail. Thanks, theblogmeister

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