Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back To Bama

  The oil bust in the early eighties affected all of OKC's economy so we had to move back to Bama. I continued my fractured rib scam and even had a hospital admit me to ICU. I have done that scam over fifty times and have never had a doctor tell me there was nothing wrong. I was telling a friend of mine about it and he could not believe it. He said there was no way I could go to an emergency room with nothing wrong and get narcotics. I told him what he needed to do and I let him pick the hospital I told him that he would have to talk to the business office lady and what to say to her. He asked why I could not tell her. I told him that I would be busy with my acting, not being able to breathe normally, can't talk, etc. etc. In a couple hours I was wheeled out of there into my friends car having had several shots of morphine IV with a prescription for 40 Lortab-10 with 3 refills. He could not believe what he had just seen. I should have been an actor, he said. He was amazed. I told him it was simple. Having worked in the medical field and around doctors I got to know their personalities. If a patient is presented with obvious breathing difficulties and is in tremendous pain, having had diagnostic tests done, a doctor will not come out and say that he does not know what is wrong.. It is an ego thing. Doctors, for the most part have a God complex. They will not admit being seen as inept. I was such a good actor faking my symptoms the doctors had no choice. They had to find what was causing my symptoms. I gave them the symptoms of fractured ribs, remember that the first two inches of the rib at the attachment of the sternum are cartilage and do not show up on x-ray, they diagnosed me with fractured ribs. It really is amazing.. I did not think of it then but imagine how much my chest has been exposed to radiation due to all those x-rays. It is a little scary, now. It was not long before I had to stop with the rib scam and had to resort back to writing scripts. Then I was at a drug store with a script I wrote and the pharmacist picked up the phone to call and have it checked. I reached over and hung the phone up and said, "Don't do that." The next thing I know I am staring down a double barrel shotgun. This is not good.     theblogmeister

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