Wednesday, October 27, 2010


  I plead with the man holding the shotgun on me to let me go. He told me to sit down and shut up. No problem. A few minutes later the St. Clair County Sheriff's deputy was putting me in hand cuffs. It took about 20 minutes before we reached the jail. I was booked in and placed in the bullpen with about 20 other thugs and this would be my home until I could find someone to post my bond. It did not take long. I was bonded out the next day. My mom put up the $250 dollars, 10%, and I was home the next day. I could not understand why the druggist called the law. It was common knowledge that he would trade pills for weed so I was surprised that he had me arrested. It would be another year before my court date would come because of the backlog of criminal cases in the state of Alabama. The Alabama Department of Corrections, the prison system, was very overcrowded causing the log jam at the county level. I mean, when you are giving 15 years for possessing one joint to first time offenders you will have a backlog.
  It had been over 5 years since I had killed the colonel and the nightmares were not going away. If anything, they were getting worse. As long as I was self-medicated, I was okay. Street drugs were too expensive for  my taste. I did not like alcohol so it had to be narcotics. I kept on building houses and buying tabs when I could find them. It makes it especially hard when I look back at what I had and see what I have become.
  I was sentenced to two years in prison for the attempting to obtaining narcotics by forgery. I was lucky and got to do my time at St. Clair County jail. The prisons were still over-crowded and they welcomed the idea. I spent 10 months in the county jail as a trusty. I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready for the guys upstairs when Terry came back and said,"Guess who we just brought in ?" I said, "Who?" Doc Wilson. Well, Doc Wilson was the dude thar made me sit down and shut up with a shotgun pointed to my face. "No shit?" He asked if I wanted to strip search him before he went upstairs. They had busted Doc for trading 100 Talwin for a quarter pound of weed. "Hell yes, I want to strip search him!" We walked down the hall and I was standing just outside the office door when Terry told Doc to go with this man to be stripped and searched. He looked up in the direction of where Terry was pointing and saw me and I watched all the color drain from his face. I told him to come with me. Terry was having a hard time controlling his laughter and so was I . Poor guy. He thought I was about to do some unspeakable things to him. He followed me back to the kitchen and apologized for holding the gun on me and calling the police. He said that he thought I was the police trying to bust him. I felt sorry for the guy and told him not to worry about it  and he did not have to take his clothes off. I also told him to tell Johnny, the trustee upstairs, I said to look out for him. Jails are not for the weak. That was my first time to go to jail. There would be many more and many stories with them. Through it all, the colonel never left me.    theblogmeister

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