Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Change of Scenery

  I moved to Oklahoma City, OK. in the early 80's. It was too hot for me in Bama. I went with my brother, Cornbread, and we found good jobs making good money. The only problem with me going to another place, guess who would follow? The Demon. I swear I could not shake Him. I went to doctor after doctor and they wanted to put me on psychotrophic drugs. Turn me into a Zombie. There was not much work for zombies in OKC so I would not take the zombie drugs. I figured out a new scam. I would get my brother to take me to an emergency room and I would act like I had a broke rib, could not breath well, stabbing pain just to the left of the sternum (breastbone). My brother would give them bogus info about how he owned a construction company and I fell off a scaffold. They are thinking workman's comp so I get the A-1 treatment. Did not have to wait. They would hook me up to an IV and give me narcotics IV, take x- rays and c-scan. They would come back and tell me I had fractured ribs and the only thing they could do for me was make me comfortable, ala, narcotics. You see, the first couple inches where the rib attaches to the sternum is cartilage, does not show up on x-ray. They would hold the films to the light and point out my 'rib fractures.' Then give me a bunch of dope to take home. In and out in 2 hours with a lot of drugs. We did that scam All over OKC for a long time. All the while the Demon was at bay. But soon, he would be in control for a long time.   theblogmeister

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